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Interview with Stéphane Chapuy (GIG IN JAPAN – General Manager)


Stéphane Chapuy is in business with the local music industry since 1999, and being an expert on foreign cultural networks. He has developed various labels and foreign groups in addition to being an expert in cultural networks in Japan covering a wide range of genres such as jazz, electro, world music, hip hop, rock and pop.


GIG IN JAPAN offers a 360 degree service to manage your music business in Japan for foreign label with over 15 years field experience in concerts, show-cases, record releases, promotion, marketing, sponsoring, publishing and consulting.


GIG IN JAPAN is a new promotion partner of Music2Deal and also the organizer of the Shibuya Showcase Fest 2017 in Tokyo.



What exactly is the Shibuya Showcase Fest and how did it come into existence?

Shibuya showcase fest is a new music convention humanly sized for indie labels who aims to get a first approach on the Japan market and local audience. As Japan is a complex market, but also exciting, these 2 days of convention will give to attendees the key to understand how the local industry works and establish accurate and long term connections. The idea came by talking with some export music office i’m working with and who pointed the lack of this kind of event in a such big market. Moreover, as consultant, i’m doing a lot of prospect mission, sourcing, and delegate production, all year long, since 10 years now. That’s why i make the gamble to concentrate all my knowledge, skills, network and energy on one yearly event.

Why Japan?

Japan music market stays unique. Physical sales (CDs, singles, vinyls, DVDs) account for almost 80% of market sales. And turnover generated by foreign-based music is valued at USD 525 bn.
​​In the last few years, local live music businesses have shown strong economic growth. According to the Association of Concert Promoters Conference (ACPC), ticket sales have seen revenue more than double during the period between 2010 and 2016, from ‎USD 1.14 bn to 2.45 bn.
​Japan is renowned as the most solid, structured and reliable market in Asia, where music industry players offer business guarantees to importers, especially those who are able to invest in projects, guaranteeing long-term profitability.

What are the plans for the first Shibuya Showcase Fest, what can we expect?

On thursday 14th, in the morning, delegate can assist to lively case study, with foreign artists’s management who get some significant success in Japan, and also some tips to be well connected with the local network. On friday 15th accurate lecture by significant japanese speaker will be offered to understand the local live business, and the publishing business. Every afternoon, face to face meetings will be setted up for delegates with japanese music professional regarding their aims, then networking cocktail before the band showcase.

Why is it an absolute must for every music professional to attend the event?

We will offer to all attendees  an optimal cost-effectiveness ratio to make understand the second largest music market in the world. All Japanese attendees will be invited for free for each event. More, for maximum efficiency, and to avoid to be lost in transportation, we have choosen to concentrate lecture, face to face meeting and showcase in a small area in Shibuya within a one square mile radius.
This area also has the highest concentration of music industry headquarters. More than 100 Japanese music companies and key players will be invited for free to the SSF.

How do you want the Shibuya Showcase Fest to develop? What are your future plans? How could the Festival look like in 2020?

I hope it will develop slowly and surely, like japanese people do, to become a permanent bridge between local market and oversea market. The image of bridge also means, culural and business exchange in a long-term and smart way. Japan is also an promising hub to get access to all Asian Market. Additionally 2020 will be Tokyo Olympic times, in August, and i hope we will have the same success in September of the same year… Slowly, but surely.


Interview with Music2Deal Ambassador Yvonne Wilcox

Yvonne Wilcox Campaign

Yvonne Wilcox, Pen Name ASCAP Music Publisher, Digital Music Distributor, Virtual City Radio TV Music Supervisor and BlogTalkRadio Host (USA)


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I learned how to play the Piano when I was 5 years old but due to family hardships, I had to stop at the age of 10 years old, but that did not stop my love of Music. Currently I am an ASCAP Music Publisher, Record Union Senior A&R, PRLog Journalist, Blog Talk Radio Host, IN THE VIRTUAL CITY RADIO TV Broadcaster on YouTube and a College Underground Radio Social Media Manager.


Have you licensed your music / signed your artists internationally?

I have not Licensed any Music Internationally but one of the Artists I represent was offered a Magazine Feature with a company in Germany, which is scheduled to happen soon so I will not go into detail until the feature is made public. Which country do you think is the best to license music to? I personally think that any Country other than the United States is best. Why? Because they seem to show an interest in our Music based on my Distribution reports more fans in Germany and Russia support us on Streaming Sites.


If you were to partner with someone to license his music / sign up him as an artist for your region, what sort of music are you looking out for?

Instrumental, POP and EDM Why? I personally think those Genres have a better chance at Music Licensing simply because of the requests I get from Music Supervisors of TV and Film.


Notable projects you have completed

In the Music Industry, I think we never really complete projects, I measure success in LEVELS the final LEVEL is when I can pay cash for a Mansion.


Your artists are….

I do not have any Artists officially signed to me, I work with Artists as either their Music Publisher, Music Distribution, Business Analyst, Marketing Analyst or Publicist.


Upcoming projects / tours?

I have one project that I am trying to save money to put into action and that is a Music Industry Seminar to teach Independent Artists and Independent Labels about Networking and Investing in their own career and not wait for a Major Label Deal.


Yvonne Wilcox 1400x1400

What do you think is the single largest problem faced by the music industry today?

Lack of investment funds seem to be the biggest problem. Since there are only 3 Major Labels (Sony, Universal and Warner) nobody wants to invest their own money to get to their next level in the Music Industry. How do you think it can be resolved? In my opinion, this will continue to be an issue until Independent Artists and Independent Labels realize that they are a Business more so a Brand and nobody is going to invest money in you unless they see you are willing to do what you can on your own.


Your plans for 2017?

My Plans for the remainder of 2017 is to become a Music Supervisor or at least see my name in the credits of a TV Show or Movie as the Music Publisher.


A good word on

Music2Deal is the Networking site for people who are serious about the Music Industry. Music2Deal is not a site for people who are not actively looking for a deal or offering a deal. Music2Deal allows people in the Music Industry to connect and do business without worrying about the Unsolicited Material factor. If you see a Deal on Music2Deal do not be afraid to reach out to the person who is offering or wanting.



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