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The Tamworth Country Music Festival

Tamworth Country Music Festival has agreed to partner with Music2Deal in a new initiative highlighting  Australian Country Music – which is alive and flourishing with new talent amidst iconic favourites.

Tamworth is known as Australia’s capital of country, thanks to its annual Country Music Festival. The 10- day event is recognised as the largest and longest music festival in Australia and the southern hemisphere, and is among the top 10 festivals in the world. 

Following its 1973 debut, the Toyota Country Music Festival, Tamworth has evolved into what is now recognised as “Australia’s largest music festival” and a cornerstone summer celebration, hosting Australian country music’s hottest stars, emerging talent and local favourites along with over 300,000 visitors each year for an unforgettable live music experience. 

What makes the festival remarkable is the thousands of visitors attending free outdoor concerts headlined by country music’s biggest names, Tamworth’s CBD is turned over to pedestrians and transformed into an immersive precinct of buskers, street performers, food stalls and markets. The dynamic FanZone stage gives an opportunity to be up close and personal with performers and artists. Then there’s country music’s night of nights, the Golden Guitar Awards when the stars strut the red carpet and appear on stage as presenters, performers, or join the ranks of more than 400 Golden Guitar winners. The Golden Guitar Awards (similar to the Grammys) are the nation’s longest running music awards and the pinnacle event of the Toyota Country Music Festival, Tamworth each year.

Held in Tamworth over ten days in January, the Tamworth Country Music Festival celebrated a historic 51 years in 2023, a brilliant milestone for this iconic annual event.

This event is unique in the way it is a truly community-owned, non- gated, organic Festival. There are multiple coordinating agencies, several ticketing agencies and multiple promoters. Tamworth Regional Council does play a critical role in the coordination of the festival, but it is the local business community: pubs, clubs, restaurants, transport providers, the Tamworth Business Chamber, who are responsible for arranging their own line-up of artists or event schedule. 

Country music also represents one of Tamworth Regional Council’s top five major tourism segments and the Council places a great importance on the event as a pillar of the local economy. To this end, Tamworth Regional Council works closely with Destination NSW, the County Music Association of Australia (CMAA), County Capital Music Association (CCMA) and the Toyota Country Music Festival Stakeholders Group to promote Tamworth and country music year-round. 

The event is a musical highlight for Australia, and attracts some of the best musicians across a number of genres.  There is strong support for emerging artists with programs such as Star Maker and the Country Music Academy.   Keith Urban, Troy Cassar-Daley, Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole and Lee Kernaghan are just a few of Australia’s country stars who’ve launched their careers here. Iconic Australians including Slim Dusty and Joy McKean built the Country Music Industry in Australia and the Toyota Tamworth Country Music Festival into the landmark event it is today.


Article by Paul Iannuzzelli, Spaghetti Music Publishing, Music2Deal Representative for Australia and New Zealand.

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Mario Christiani – (CEO/Owner of Music2Deal) Interviewed by Richard Rogers – (Managing Director Music2Deal UK & Ireland) about the new Music2Deal Update starting on October 3rd

RR: Hi, Mario. A new Music2Deal update is happening next week. What is new?

MC: There are many exciting new things coming. One main topic is that in former times we tended to minimalise the information to get a better overview from a business perspective. Times are changing and nowadays pictures and media are more relevant and people are acceptable to it. Due to this, all music offers and wants will be shown in the pinboard in a new way. To be honest, this is something we forgot about it in the last years, as music offers and wants are the most relevant factor on Music2Deal rather than if some of my friends likes something or has a new connection. I want to know if someone of my business friends has a new offer or want as this gives me a possible opportunity to make business. Therefore we improve the visibility of those items.

RR: I saw that there are also some further activities which can be posted.

MC: Yes, you are right. Besides posting music offers and wants as the key part of Music2Deal, our members can now inform their network about updates via comments to their existing music offers & wants. Moreover, our members can now also post pictures and videos with just a comment.

RR: Will this change the way how members post?

MC: Members can post their music offers and their wants in the same way they have done in the past. But due to those new items we give our members the same look and feel they are used to on all other social media like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. So you just need to click on the start post button on top of the pinboard and a pop-up will come up. Here you can decide if you would like to post a music offer or a want, which brings you to the corresponding page where you can do this. However, on the pop-up itself you can post a comment on an existing music offer or want or just post a text with an image or a video as you are aware on other social media.

RR: It´s not only those pinboard changes including the design which makes me excited about the new update. I see there are also more design changes.

MC: Correct. Corresponding to the new pinboard and the mentioned changes in behaviours of pictures and media we have also adapted this to other parts of Music2Deal. This way the pictures looks bigger and the design fresher.

RR: Yes, I like the improvements greatly and I am sure that our members will like them too. I am also thinking  that with this update our members will also explore a lot of our hidden professional tools. As an example, the Contact-Settings, where they can select which members can send messages and connection requests to you, depending on their type of business or the Visible Status, with the ability to show your music and wants only to your business friends.

MC: Yes, this will be happen when our members explore the new update. By the way we will have even more international verified contacts as we will announce new representatives in Italy, Spain and Africa.

RR: Wow, great news. I am looking forward to the new update and thank you for the talk Mario.

MC: Always great talking to you Richard.

Richard Rogers
Mario Christiani