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Master your networking skills in the music business.

Catch the livestream interview with Mario Christiani, the Founder of Music2Deal, the music business network.

Don’t miss this! Mario of Music2Deal was interviewed recently by Dan BG from Show4me, the all-in-one music-oriented ecosystem for musicians, music lovers and industry professionals.

See the livestream interview here at

Interviews · music business · music industry · music industry interview ·

Did you miss Music2Deal’s video chat with legendary producer, Stuart Epps?

For everybody who missed the VIP talk with Stuart Epps can watch this VIP talk here.

Stuart shares his studio stories about Elton John, Jimmy Page, Robbie Williams, and more, and includes insider knowledge and insights about a special time in music history.

It´s really worth to watch it.

You can contact Stuart Epps via his Music2Deal profile or via his homepage. For some it might be also interesting to read his interview on our Music2Deal Blog which we made with him some years ago.