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Interview with Maurits Dofferhoff the new representative for Music2Deal Netherlands

Interview with Maurits Dofferhoff the new representative for Music2Deal Netherlands and CEO of Made2Dance Records and Made2Dance Music Publishing by Mario Christiani (CEO, Music2Deal)


Mario: Maurits you are the new exclusive representative of Music2Deal Netherlands. Please tell us more about your background in the music business and why you would represent Music2Deal in the Netherlands.

Maurits: I’ve been working in the music industry for over 20 years now. Since my graduation year I have experienced many areas of this industry, from being a dj, producer, label-manager, music publishing manager and many more. The Netherlands is one of the biggest dance countries in the world. Home of amazing and numerous musicians and music professionals from all areas. I’m joining Music2Deal because I see a lot of possibilities in this great company.


Mario: What possibilities do you see in Music2Deal?

Maurits:  It’s a great online platform for musicians, DJ’s, producers, labels, publishers and songwriters. I think it’s a great time to push this company to a higher level and promote it with my network like social media channels, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Mario: What is an absolute must for every professional to attend a conference in the Netherlands?

Maurits: We have different conferences in the Netherlands like Amsterdam Dance Event and Dance Fair. If you are a DJ producer of dance music you must attend these conferences. Of course, when the Coronavirus allows us. At the moment everything is possible online such as producing, selling and promoting music.



Maurits on Music2Deal

Mario on Music2deal

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