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Music2Deal announces partnership with Show4me

Show4me Music Interaction Network is an all-in-one music-oriented ecosystem for musicians, music lovers and industry professionals.

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The platform offers a collection of tools to run a solid music business via subscription earnings, music sales, and concert tickets. Show4me also offers off-the-moment tools of built-in online concert streaming and ticketing.

For music pros who are looking to expand their revenue streams, Show4me provides fan engagement and music monetization tools packaged in a single online platform, helping foster a connection with fans and earn a living off music.

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With its innovative set of tools, Show4me addresses a slew of budding and up-and-coming professional musicians’ pains:

  • challenges of ‘getting discovered’,
  • struggle to find financial backing to get started and scale,
  • going beyond the Internet-famous stage and converting likes into real monetary rewards without giving away a large portion of the fans’ contributions,
  • the challenge of juggling multiple online platforms to keep the fans engaged,
  • inability to put on more shows without risking own money or involving third parties to sponsor them.

Musicians and their teams use Show4me to sell their music (albums, EPs, singles), tickets to online and offline shows, and Artist club subscriptions (for just $1/year each fan gets unlimited listening of all of the musician’s music and the option to direct message the artist).

Show4me started in 2015 as a concert crowdfunding tool and has since expanded into a full-blown music interaction network. In April of 2020, the network introduced its ticketed online live stream concert feature.

With this partnership you profit as a Music2Deal member with special conditions from Show4me.

More information will be announced soon on Music2Deal.


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