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Seven Ways Music Defines Your Personality

Written by Ronal Ross


Everybody loves listening to music. There are a lot of genres, like classical, indie, hip-hop, rap etc. & this list keeps on increasing as new genres are being discovered. Have you ever wondered, why do you like some specific types of music genres? In fact, this plays an important role in everybody’s lifestyle.  Researchers have performed social and psychological experiments which relate the music you listen to with your personality. Here are seven ways through which music defines your personality.

  1. EDM

Let’s first talk about the genre which has been currently ruling over the Internet, Electronic Dance Music or EDM in short. People simply love EDM, as you might have guessed by looking at the huge number of crowds at concerts. Fans of the genre are generally very outgoing & love socializing with others. The beats coming from the DJ’s Table are easy to catch & dance especially when your favourite DJ is on the house!

  1. Classical Music

Classical Music instils a sense of peace & calmness on the listener’s mind. Therefore, people who listen to classical music are generally very calm, peace loving individuals who also carry a sense of pride & high self-esteem. The fans of the genre are quite intelligent & smart. Due to their calm mind, they tend to be quite creative & over thinkers, who do not act hastily.

  1. Hip-Hop

If you have ever seen a hip-hop music video, you might be able to guess the personality type. Hip-Hop fans are quite energetic individuals, pretty much similar to that of the singer on screen. They love to dance on the rhythm and instead of playing the music through headphones, they want to share & experience it with others. They have a high self-esteem & are generally extroverts. They also have a tendency to speak whatever comes up in their mind, just like the rappers.

  1. Country Music

Country Music attracts a quite specific type of crowd. The music is quite upbeat which makes it very easy to dance on, even if you have never danced before. The instruments create a good physical connection with its listeners. Fans of the genre are extroverts, outgoing and very hardworking. They also tend to be conservative but happy individuals who do not let negative emotions get to them. Bongo drum, a common country music instrument is good for starters, here’s a review of bongo drums to get you started.

  1. Jazz & Blues

The fans of this genre share a similar trait to that of classical music listeners. They are generally open-minded individuals with a knack for creativity. They tend to dwell deep into the lyrics & try to feel what the singer is trying to convey. The fans are deep thinkers & very self-reflective. Being introverted is a general trait that is common for fans of the genre, however this also helps shape their personality by unlocking more creative talent.

  1. Pop music

Fans of this game one easy-going individuals who do not like too much stress and hard work. They do not possess much creative skills, but have a pretty unique personality which makes them stand out from the crowd. Their personality is backed up by their extroverted nature & their ability to blurt out whatever comes in their mind. The fans are simple & pretty straightforward.

  1. Metal

This may be surprising, but fans of the metal genre aren’t exactly extroverts. Instead most of the fans are introverted in nature & are very gentle & kind people. They tend to exhibit creative tendencies. The fans are also quite emotional & self-reflective. When they listen, they try to be a part of the song they are listening to and feel connected to the singer.


This concludes this list. However, there are even more music genres which can be associated with your personality, but if I began writing about each & every one of them, the article will be too long and boring to read. Therefore, that’s it for now.


Author Bio:

Ronal Ross is a passionate blogger who writes regularly at He likes listening to music and playing musical instruments in his free time.

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