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Who’s blogging at Music2Deal?

Greetings dear reader,

My name is Darren and I am now managing this blog for and our industry-associates.

A very brief background summation: Music is one of my passions and has been a constant theme throughout my life & regardless of my professional sector. With this in mind, I’m personally both pleased & honoured to now be able to work amongst & with like-minded professionals & lovers of the sweet-sound within Music2Deal and in the wider world of global music at this point in my life so, well, there it is. 
Nb. sincerely written on a sunny summer’s afternoon in London, June 2015.

And so, to business; please note that both myself and others shall be posting music-related articles here & I encourage others that may wish to contribute to reach out to me directly via with their contributions, thoughts & even suggestions. I’ll update this intro soon with more direction on that point but that works as an umbrella for this blog.

For now though, I thank you for your time in digesting these words. Myself & my global colleagues & associates, collaborators & strategic-partners within the Music2Deal ‘circle’ do appreciate so it now only remains to say;

Let the music play! Shine-on dear reader wherever you are on this Little Blue Planet shows them what you’ve got! And always, always remember;

“This ain’t no practice-run Slick”

One live, one love, peace ‘n’ music
Darren Pearson, Music2Deal UK


  1. would love to send over music related blogs from UK. We run The Morris Agency so have our ears to the ground

  2. Sent you some materials today, hope you like them

  3. DarrenDP permalink

    GM one & all :)


    I would like to contribute articles here in the futre Sara, fyi & please note

    Best, DP

  4. If you are interested in outside blogs: I have 10 at the present time. Go to and click on blogs.

  5. Hi Team,

    I really dig the music2deal website and interview articles. My company SIFA Event is the largest DJ agency in Australia. With over 21 DJs operating across 3 states. I would add value to your readers in providing guidance on how to enhance up and coming artist chances of success. I would be more then happy to give my time for an interview.

  6. Hello dear Music 2 Deal, will it be possible to send our music for review? Thank you very much. Olivier Herràn for OliAlchemy band.

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