Who’s blogging at Music2Deal?

Greetings dear reader,

We are a team of creatives who are managing this blog for Music2Deal.com and our industry-associates.

And so, to business; please note that we and others shall be posting music-related articles here & I encourage others that may wish to contribute to reach out to us directly via info@music2deal.com with their contributions, thoughts & even suggestions. We will update this intro soon with more direction on that point but that works as an umbrella for this blog.

For now though, I thank you for your time in digesting these words. Our internal team and our global colleagues & associates, collaborators & strategic-partners within the Music2Deal ‘circle’ do appreciate so it now only remains to say;

Let the music play! Shine-on dear reader wherever you are on this Little Blue Planet shows them what you’ve got! And always, always remember;

“This ain’t no practice-run Slick”

9 thoughts on “Who’s blogging at Music2Deal?

  1. Hi Team,

    I really dig the music2deal website and interview articles. My company SIFA Event is the largest DJ agency in Australia. With over 21 DJs operating across 3 states. I would add value to your readers in providing guidance on how to enhance up and coming artist chances of success. I would be more then happy to give my time for an interview.

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