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MIDEM 2017 Impressions

MIDEM took place from June 5th until the 9th, where Peter Fosso (Music2Deal USA), Kathy Hahn (Music2Deal Canada), and I joined this great event.

I have attended MIDEM maybe 15 – 20 times but they were always during the Winter. This was the first when I was in Cannes in the summer season. To be honest, it is really worth it to be there: First of all, because of the business and second, it´s really nice to enjoy the lovely weather and the nice location – and great talking with people at the beach or at one of the “MIDEM by Night” events outside.

It was a very relaxing atmosphere at MIDEM with nice and interesting people. The new MIDEM staff did a really good job – very polite and helpful, good organisation, with a lot of extra services like free breakfast, drinks & food. MIDEM offers a lot of beautiful places inside the Palais to meet with people. This year it was in a different section of the building, which I hadn’t been in before. The main area at my first MIDEMs were in the basement of the MIDEM without daily light.

The MIDEM 2017 was not only a very nice event but it was also successful for Music2Deal. I had about 50 meetings and everybody liked the idea of Music2Deal, especially since it keeps you informed about music offers and requests from your business friends, which is not provided by LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

I am pleased to post news about new partnerships very soon!


Best regards

Mario Christiani
Founder CEO – Music2Deal



The MIDEM entrance


midem inside

Inside the Palais (MIDEM)



One of the many booths


Midem terasse 1

Nice location to talk



My ‘secret’ location for meetings


view from the palais

View from the Palais to the harbor of Cannes


great talk

Great talk with Melis Fonteni from South Africa


peter fosso & me

Peter Fosso (Music2Deal USA) & Mario Christiani


allen johnston & me

Our great Ambassador Allen Johnston & Mario Christiani


networking dinner

At the MIDEM Networking dinner presented by Allen Johnston and Music2Deal. At bottom left you see Peter Fosso (Music2Deal USA) and Kathy Hahn (Music2Deal Canada) and, of course, Allen Johnston (pictured wearing a red cap), hosting the event.


music on the beach

Music on the beach



“MIDEM by Night” events. Nice party :-)



Fantastic concert from Wyclef Jean at one of the “MIDEM by Night” events


beautiful 2

at night

MIDEM at night






The final night at MIDEM: Great showcase by Allen Johnston

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