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Trends Brasil Conference – partner of Music2Deal – offers you the chance to meet the global Brazilian music business in one place!

Trends Brasil Conference is a community of music business entrepreneurs and professionals. Every year, they gather at Trends Brasil Conference, since 2016, to discuss traditional and most recent themes of the music world; to meet new, and old, friends and business partners; to renew ideas and connections; to recycle knowledge and promote the exchange of experiences; to amplify our business vision.


Their audience grows every year, and with the new format that they will introduce you to, you now have the unique opportunity and chance to be part of this universe. You can dig in deep into the Brazilian Music Biz from the comfort of your home.

Their conference gathers all the main players in music. Labels, major record companies, publishers, distributers, PROs, DSPs, marketing agencies, rights management offices, artist managers, authors, students, audiovisual producers, artists, musicians, social media. All without exception make part of this massive movement that oxygens our music market.

At Trends Brasil Conference you will access a New World. Meet new people. Learn a lot. Get connected to the top music professionals in the market.

TRENDS BRASIL CONFERENCE this year is going online!    _Omj9z9A

So now you have the unique opportunity and chance to be part of this universe. You can dig in deep into the Brazilian Music Biz from the comfort of your home.

The virtual environment of the conference is a cutting edge platform, already tested and approved for its efficiency and technological quality, with the most varied resources that guarantee great interactivity and integration among all participants. There will be panels, workshops, debate rooms, meeting rooms with the most varied themes, for 5 consecutive days. Sectoral meetings, Q&A with speakers and sponsors, raffles, games and more!

They are not bringing people together to promote ‘lives’. Each room will have a mediator, who will open and close the meeting, where you can participate and interact through the incredible diversity of applications that the Trends environment provides. And you can access the Conference from your notebook, PC, mobile phone or tablet! So, during the week of the Conference, you have Trends in your pocket, if you want.

NZmgXjDUMany rooms will open simultaneously, and you will be able to choose where you will interact live. Ah, there’s something cool … The app will be open to participants for 6 months. This means that you will be able to access all Trends Brasil 2020 content until April 2021, with your access key. All content will be recorded, available to you, according to your best organization.

They work hard to deliver the greatest opportunity you ever had to effectively understand everything about the music business.

Trends Brasil Conference are giving you the chance to participate in Trends Brasil Conference 2020, alongside the top names in the music market.

October 19 – 23, online!

Trends Brasil Conference, the cheapest and most effective way to reach out to the Brazilian music market!

Sign up now!

$100 you pay only $80 as a Music2Deal member vis this link

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