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Interview with Ikill Orion

“If David Bowie & Grace Jones spawned a love child” – Music Week

International acclaimed artist Ikill Orion has worked with multiple Grammy Winners including icons Jay-Z, Punk-Funk legends Fishbone & Super-Producer Nile Rodgers (Madonna, David Bowie, & Duran Duran). 

The ascending Orion star, Ikill has been featured on BBC Radio, (UK) Music Week, MTV & in Billboard Magazine (2x).

As a global lifestyle brand (music, fashion, tv/film, tech) & tour-de-force of nature he’s amassed a music catalogue of over 100+ killer tracks in all genres that he’s written, produced, & re:mixed. As an Ascap prolific writer, agent for change and advocate for music reform his songs has been used in adverts, campaigns (Amnesty International & Black Lives Matter) tv/film & commercials and are available for placement opportunities. He’s been called a Pop Provocateur being the host & co-producer  of ‘Provocouture TV’ a reality based show that revolves around the world of music, fashion, culture, style  & transformation.  

A Creative A&R, Executive & Music/Entertainment consultant Ikill Orion is the CEO of an International artist development/branding agency Brandelux based in LA/NYC/London/Japan. The company “transforms artists into brands” by nurturing,cultivating, packaging & pitching them for worldwide deals.He’s worked with luxury brands, icons, celebrities, rock stars, major labels, TV Networks, media buyers,start-ups, Grammy winners, super-producers,Platinum artists & emerging acts….are you next?


Music2Deal: Have you licensed your music / signed your artists internationally? Which country do you think is the best to license music to? Why?

Ikill: My music catalog consist of over 100+ tracks that I wrote,executive produced, and /or re:mixed  in all genres (hip hop, rock, pop, edm/dance, alternative, soul,punk, world, afrobeat, etc…) I think it’s important for both artists & creatives to own as much content and songs as possible giving yourself opportunities to license and monetize off your works. I have been fortunate to have ‘select songs’ from my extensive catalog placed for sync opportunities for TV/Film, Commercials,  & adverts. In terms of licensing I feel emerging territories such as China/Asia, Africa & of course Europe are all prime for present day placement potential. The key is to have songs in your catalog/repertoire that , not only have universal appeal, but songs that have staying power and have a sound that’s uniquely yours—we are living in an age where distinction is paramount considering mass consumerism & oversaturation…it’s my mantra to stay connected to the music while maintaining artistic freedom & intergrity.


Music2Deal: Notable projects I have completed/ upcoming projects/plans for 2021?

Ikill: In addition to my music catalog which is available for sync placements and a publishing deal team & I are seeking global licensing oppportunities/ a label signing for my new genre defying ground breaking upcoming album x live! stream ‘Mikillangelo’. I’ve done deals w/major labels in the past and have built an original sound  & vision (Bowie R.I.P.) creating a world of my own…

Having worked with Grammy winners & icons such as Jay-Z, producer extroadinaire Nile Rodgers my new project ‘Mikillangelo’ ushers in a new.wav it’s a modern classic. During covid- 19 I wrote & executive produced it which I had felt a burnin’ desire and yearning to showcase my depth and range as a global artist/lifestyle brand. The (7) song album odyssey contains the bonus ‘HaloStrangelove’ Depeche Mode cover track. The new sound is what we call Hip-Pop and we’re excited for the world to hear it and we look forward & welcome to working with anyone who may be interested in getting involved with the project. We are planning to debut the project during both SXSW ’21 x Midem Music Conference ’21 in Cannes, France.

My lifestyle brand which consist of (music, fashion, tv/film, art, beverage, tech & activism) is getting lots of interest regarding partnerships, sponsorships and’s extemely vital for artists to tap into their brand, so when my creative A&R /branding agency (Brandelux) work with an artist or client in terms of development we look for talent, ambition, drive & desire–all essential ingredients needed in order to build an artist career and transform the into brands. Currently I am developing & producing a TV show ‘Provocouture TV’ and we’re looking to align with networks and streaming platforms regarding deals such as distribution &  licensing maximizing on programming opportunties,so 2021 is gearing up to be a year of the independent! 

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Music2Deal: What do you think is the single largest problem faced by the music industry today? How do you think it can be resolved?

Ikill: The single largest problem looming over the music endustry by far is artists not being able for artists to sustain and /or progress their careers due to economic challenges and the grossly overlooked royalty rate issue that desperately needs to be reckonized and rectified. We are in desperate need of music reform…and in drastic times calles for drastic measures!! 

Musicians are not getting paid fairly and this 20th century mode of thinking has to stop. It’s a huge issue for 1 person to bare alone we as a collective industry have to make it our main priority if we intend to co-exist within a fair and healty music eco-system. I personally believe now more than ever we need to use our voice as an instrument of change empowering artists…lobbying & implementing music reform is the first step.

Let your voice truly be heard!!


Music2Deal: Your artists are…. 

Ikill: We always have our ears and feet on the ground looking to develop, nurture, package and pitch artists for opportunities. I look for artists who are bold & original and have a willingness to do the necessary work in terms of building their career, but also maintining longevity. Talent is one thing ,but to have a good understanding of the of the nature of the business is another important aspect. Patience goes a long way as well. The A&R services we provide such as Artist Development, Management, Branding, Consulting, Music & Video production, Image/Styling, etc… are all bespoke, so we decide along with our artists where the focus of attention needs to be.


IKill Orion´s profile on Music2deal


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