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The New Update of Music2Deal is Live!

We are very happy to announce the new update of Music2Deal which was launched today and we are sure that our Music2Deal members will see great benefits.

Music2Deal Update 2019

To get a better impression have a look at some of our features and improvements:


New Homepage

The homepage has been redesigned to better represent the quality and benefits of signing up and using Music2Deal.


Contact Settings

This feature allows you to reduce the amount of contacts just to the ones you need, which saves time for you!
Premium Members can choose which members, based on their type of business, can contact them via our message system or via the friendship request button.

contact settings

Only members whose “Main activity” or “Sub-activities” match with the selected criteria can send messages and/or send request for a friendship with this member. For example, a Premium Member who is a booking agent can avoid being contacted by a distribution company or a publisher.


Business Friend Filter

Members with a Premium Membership can now filter their list of business friends based on the type of business (A&R, Publisher, etc.). This makes it easier for members with many friends to get an overview and to more easily contact particular business friends.

business friends filter


Visibility of Music Offers & Wants

Premium Members can now show their music offers and/or wants exclusively to their business friends. Due to a lot of talks at MIDEM, Reeperbahn Festival and more we got the impression that members often prefer to announce a new music offer/want first to their business friends and later the rest of the public.

visible state


Music2Deal App

Music2Deal at your fingertipp The new Music2Deal App is now available for Android and iOS with this update.




Block Other Members

Each member can now block and unblock other members. If you block a member, they can no longer send you messages or send you a friendship request.


Member Reminders/Notifications

In addition to being notified if you have messages, certain members, like an artist without an artist offer or a publisher without a song offer, will automatically receive reminders (via email and on their dashboard) that they should post an artist/song offer. If a member has enough credits for a free upgrade (also via Dashboard message) or if a member hasn’t logged in for a very long time, they’ll also receive reminders.


Individualization For The 1st Login Tour

We’ve improved the way in which members are guided forward the first time they log in to Music2Deal. It has now been individualized so that, if you are an artist, for example, you’d be asked to create an artist offer when logging in for the 1st time.


Online Guided Tour/ How It Works page

We’re replacing the current “About” page with a much better, “How It Works” page to provide our members with a clearer understanding of the benefits and how to get the most from using Music2Deal. We’ll also implement a new and better “online guided tour”.


New Group features

Additional features to be added to the Groups will include be able to change the group owner, reject new group members, notify group owner about new members, delete groups and forums, etc.


Additional Voting Credits

The 10 Credits a member receives from voting will now be raised to 20 Credits. A user receives 4 Credits for each star (e.g. 5 stars = 20 Credits).



Have a look at the new

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