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MIDEM 2019 Impressions

MIDEM took place from June 4th-7th, where Richard Rogers (Music2Deal UK),  Peter Fosso (Music2Deal USA), Kathy Hahn (Music2Deal Canada) and I (Mario Christiani, CEO Music2Deal) joined this great event. The event was fantastic, very good organized, nice people and also the weather was perfect.

At MIDEM we presented the new update of Music2Deal.com and the feedback was really great. Normally I have around 50 or more meetings in those 4 days. But due to our update we got this time we had more than 200 meeting requests. Fortunately Richard Rogers completed a lot of meetings for us and we had some excellent meetings. One of our main intentions was to extend our worldwide network of representatives and I can say we achieved this. So far we have signed 5 new representative contracts in the last weeks. 3 were made from this MIDEM and 2 are signed because of my meetings last year at MIDEM. So, you see that a follow- up is always important.

Also this year the VIP MIDEM Networking event presented by Music2Deal and its wonderful ambassador, Allen Johnston was a highlight at MIDEM. By the way, I heard some month ago, that a business relationship was born last year at this event and that they already made a deal.

I am also sure that more deals happened in the Cotton Club, where every night Allen Johnston presented a showcase of a diverse range of artists.

So, I am looking forward to MIDEM 2020, which will be happen from June 2nd – 5th.

Enjoy the pictures



Entrance to the Palais



inside the Palais








At the British stand incl. the MIDEM cafe



At the french stand



Nice working at the terraces





View from the Frech stand to the MIDEM beach



MIDEM beach. Meeting point at the daytime and concerts at night.



MIDEM beach



MIDEM beach in front of the Palais



Event at the MIDEM beach



Peter Fosso and I with a selfie from the party :-)


Peter, Richard and me with guests

kathy + richard

Kathy Hahn (Music2Deal Canada) and Richard


Peter, Richard and I

Peter, Mario and Richard



With Richard and Gary White (Music Sync Tank)

Richard und David

Richard with David Stark (Songlink)


The hotspot for meetings outside of the Palais: Caffé Roma



People meet also in the Majestic oposite the Palais



or in the Carlton



Relaxing after meetings :-)



Speak from ambassador Allen Johnston at VIP MIDEM Networking event



One of those many concerts in the nights during MIDEM



Concert at the showcase from Allen Johnston at the Cotton Club



Last walk out of the Palais



ByeBye with Lilly (nicest restaurant in Cannes), Olli, Richard, Peter and me



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