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Follow Me Around – Midem 2013

Seems like the Music2Deal CEO, Mario Christiani, had a lot of fun in Cannes at Midem 2013! For all of you who did not have the possibility to join this year’s event, we prepared a little Follow Me Around. Enjoy it!

1midem1st day – Midem entrance

2midemPress conference on a boat. I guess with some French stars!

3midemThe view from the terrace was amazing!

4midemInside the Midem building. On the right side you can see the the German stand. It was one of the biggest at the fair.

5midemThere were a lot of young girls screaming in front of the Majestic Hotel. I had a meeting with Tom Cohen at the hotel and had to pass the group. Unfortunately none of them was screaming when I walked over the red carpet to the hotel entrance :-)


At the same time the NRJ Awards were taking place in Cannes. Many VIPs and curious onlookers were on the streets.


On the next day in front of the entrance. The singer was horrible…

8midemThe name of the act was Kim. She comes from Canada and was very nice to look at…and of course to listen to! She rocked!


At one of the presentations at Midem…and they were a LOT!

10midemAfter dinner at Lili’s (interesting restaurant in Cannes) with our swiss representative Eric Lee (on the right side)

To sum it up: Over 50 meetings with people from Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, USA, Corea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Poland, Russia, Czechia, Switzerland, Austria and of course from Germany. The Music2Deal members can look forward to even more international contacts!

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