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Interview with Chalam

Music2Deal: Chalam, you are actually a painter and a doctor. How come you are now writing songs?

Chalam: I continue to be both.My journey as a songwriter has just begun,it just happened. Words have become my best friends.

Music2Deal: Where do you get your ideas from? What inspires you?

Chalam: I generate ideas with intent, sometimes unintentionally.I do believe my subconscious mind works when I am at work,when asleep.The human mind is a marvel,so full of ideas.All you need to do is tap.Inspiration?I draw inspiration from dawn and dusk,cloud and rain,joy and tear,voice and whisper,birth and death,trust and betrayal and life around me.

Music2Deal: Can you tell us something about the collaborations you already had?

Chalam: I collaborate with professionals who believe in team work.To name a few,I have had the pleasure of working with and for Raylan Cooper,Jurgen Geyer,Michael Keintzel,Oliver Kramer,Burak Celic,Viola Scheer,Manuela Rauser,Rolf Christl,Kai Fiefstuck;all members of music2deal.I work with other friends from far reaches of this small planet.

Music2Deal: What are your future plans concerning to music?

Chalam: Plans?”Any idea, plan,or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.”

-Napoleon Hill. One more idea,one more song,several re-writes and fine tuning.I repeat this thought several times every day and sit down to write.It’s about endless enjoyable hours to leave behind a song or two of worth for fellow travelers.

Music2Deal: Is there something you would criticize about the music industry? Which changes would need to be done to improve the situation?

Chalam: Criticism?I happen to be a healthy critic.Good communication and patience can do wonders for collaborators.It’s pretty sad to notice some professionals do not value both. Friends,open out, reach out.Join hands to make great songs “together.”

Listen to Chalams songs here.

by Sara Shirazi

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