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8 Quick Tips For Your Band Website

  1. Be up to date-Nobody wants to read things you posted two years ago

    -Keep your readers up to date about gigs, tour dates and CD releases

  2. Relevant information-Readers visit your website because they want relevant information

    -A website is not a diary

  3. Contact information-You should give your readers the possibility to conctact you

    -Also useful for business enquiries

  4. Photos for journalists and bloggers-Offer photos for journalists and bloggers

    -This makes it easier for them to promote you

  5. Sharing function-A sharing function is very useful, because readers can share your website, a special post or a song with their communities

    -This might help you to get new readers

  6. Videos -Let your readers watch your newest music videos

    -This is entertaining and – if they share the videos – a very good promotion for you

  7. Newsletter-Offer a newsletter to inform your readers about new posts, videos or events
  8. Design and usability-Don’t overload the website

    -Keep it user-friendly

    -Design is a matter of taste but the usability should be good and easy

    What are your tips?

by Sara Shirazi

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