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How to set up the Online Event

Written by our partner Show4Me

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic created the apparent need to remain indoors. The world of music was no exception as a lot of artists struggled to reach their fans visually. However, from releasing video snippets to TikTok dances and online events such as Instagram live sessions as well as virtual concerts, the world has largely evolved from the need to converge in the same space, to enjoy a thrilling virtual experience.

The virtual world has a wide audience. Creating an online show will not only help grow your fanbase while keeping your fans entertained, but also provide a means of making a profit as though it were a live show. Do you want to create a memorable virtual experience for your fans? Here are some tips to help.

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Select a Creative Topic

Just as a title for anything is important, so is a suitable topic for a functional online event. This is because it could be someone’s first contact with your brand, thus acting as your window to the world. It should be simple, short, straight to the point so that it is easy to remember. Your topic will depend on the theme of your event as it will be reflective of it. It could be a one-word statement or even an acronym such that it can be printed on merch. The idea is to create a picture in the mind of your audience to help set the tone of the event. The goal is to make your topic as creative and captivating as possible to reach a cross-cultural audience.

The Platform

Picking the right platform for your event is as important as choosing the right physical location for a physical event. This is because whatever platform you select becomes your window to the world. There are several available options to stream events, from Facebook to YouTube, Instagram, and online event platforms such as Show4Me. Why should you select the right online platform?

  • To give your fans the best virtual performance

The expectation from your fans should not be dampened by a poor performance due to your choice of the streaming platform. Help them have the best experience and look forward to another by selecting the right platform like Show4me.

  • Quality streaming service

Just because it’s happening online does not mean a lot of technicalities can be ignored. You should select the right online platform that provides a quality streaming service to enhance the audio-visual quality of your performance and relay the right vibe to your fans.

  • Proper ticketing service

Your music can also be appreciated with money, not excluding word of mouth and emojis. The right ticketing service will help you place things in perspective. Your fans can buy different tickets according to their preferences and watch you perform wherever they are.

Whatever platform you select should help create an exciting experience for your fans and you as well. Therefore, you may want to look out for factors such as:

  • Streaming quality and speed
  • Video monetization policies
  • Audience viewing experience
  • Data security /privacy control
  • Social media integration via multiple channels
  • Artiste support /Tech support
  • Live chat or comment section



With a platform like Show4me, your fans get to have a premium experience. Its cross-cultural audience and artiste base has hosted several shows of different artists such as Ric Flo and Roni Bar Hadas. The platform offers various types of tickets according to preference and allows fans to stream your event. Other available options include sales of your music and even fan subscriptions. Your fans can stream your event from any device in any part of the world as there are no geographical barriers.

Your Physical Setting

Though the event is taking place online, your physical setting is equally important. It sets the ambiance for your event. The background also contributes to the audio-visual experience of your fans and helps them connect better. A relaxed, cozy environment will be a better backdrop to set that exciting mood. Whether it is a corner in your home to add that personal touch, a studio, your driver’s seat in your car, a lounge, or even the beach, the aim is to help your fans connect with your music and your environment. Serenity is key. Have good costumes and dress for the show. Set up all your technical and musical gadgets and instruments correctly with proper positioning. For instance, your cameras and mics must be placed at acceptable positions for good musical feedbacks and sound quality. The technical team at Show4Me has prepared this guide for you in setting up your physical stage for an online event.

Publicizing and Promoting your Event

Your fans won’t get to know if you don’t tell them. Publicizing your event is as important as the event itself. It’s one major way the world gets to come in contact with and connect to your amazing talent. Online event promotion requires a lot of strategic planning, right from the day you decide up until the day of the event. At Show4Me, we do not promote events or help with your promotional activities. However, we have a proven team of professionals who can guide you and give you the needed concepts and ideas as to which you can successfully promote your online events. The following tips will help provide a guide on how to promote your show.

  • Engage your fanbase on social media

It all starts and stays with your fans. You want to help them connect with your music and everything surrounding it. As an artist, having an engaged fanbase is important. They not only love your music but you as well. One way to do this is via social media. Announcing your event on social media will give them something to look forward to. This will promote your music and can increase your streaming numbers as they can even trend the hashtags you create. The best way to promote your music is to bring it to people who love and appreciate your sound. You can also engage them in a Q&A session. It will help create awareness and expectations for the event.

  • Email marketing

This is another outstanding way of promoting your online event. Since it takes about 2-3 weeks in promoting an online event, you can spend less by leveraging the use of email marketing in promoting your show. Once your fans sign up to your page or subscribe to your mailing list, you can generate their email addresses and send them promotional emails. These emails will contain attractive information and contents about your show, ticketing information and price, date and time, etc. You can go as far as enlisting them to an online calendar like Google Calendar which can be used in sending them regular reminders and notifications.

The Use of Influencers and Spoken Words

Promoting and campaigning an event to attract audiences and fans can be so easy when the audience can trust the promoters. To promote your event, using a league of influencers in the music industry or entertainment industry can be a very good step. These individuals have developed a broad range of fans and followers with trust and quality. Once you locate and work with individuals, they will help you in sourcing fans for your event. The Influencers can also be seen as an organization or a group of individuals. Confidently talking about your program and inviting people to it is another way to promote your event. This strategy will create a sense of passion and motivation for those that will listen.



Getting sponsors for your online events will save you the stress and cost of operations. Sponsors and funding might come in any funding either tangibly or intangibly. Your sponsors may provide you with the funds needed for your show, they could help by lending or giving you equipment for your events, they could help in promoting your show, etc. Relying on personal funds and online ticketing alone might not work out well, leveraging the assistance of a sponsor will go a long way. On Show4me, we offer a dedicated section of each concert page, be it an online event or a hybrid or in-person show, for the show’s sponsors. You can add one or several sponsors depending on the show. The functionality allows you to not just list a sponsor but include their logo, link to their website, and even create a sponsor description.


Once your ticketing, concepts, campaigns, and funding are available, the last thing to do to be ready for an excellent online event is rehearsal. Forfeiting rehearsals and regular test runs is one major mistake that most artists make today. No matter how good or professional you might, you must carry out 1-2 rehearsals before your main events. You can’t just set up everything on the D-Day without prior tests and practice. Anything can just go wrong. Thus, you must check the sound and video feedbacks and quality, record your song and watch it to pick up any error or irregularity. Figure out how to make your sound and video as good as possible, if you are using Show4me, do a run-through with your artist success manager and hear the feedback from them, and be ready to bring the energy to your web event just like you do with your live shows.

Final Thoughts

With the current pandemic and adherence to Covid-19 guidelines, an online concert or event is so important for music professionals today. An event that is not properly planned will be executed wrongly. Thus, we trust that you will use the guides you have gotten from this article in setting up your event. Furthermore, Show4Me is the right platform for you to carry out your event as it has all the technical and professional supports you’ll be needing for your event. Start planning your online event with us now.


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Music For Nature: Listen to good music and save the environment!

Music2Deal would like to introduce you to a new partner: Music-for-Nature.

The Music-for-Nature vision: 500 million people listen to a song by artists every day, helping to generate over € 100million a year for environmental projects.


Be there and help make this vision come true. The basic idea of Music-For-Nature ( is very simple. Musicians or bands donate the proceeds from digital sales (streaming and download sales) of one or more of their songs for environmental projects for a defined period of time. The “donated” songs are compiled in playlists on all major streaming services and promoted by environmental organizations and Music-For-Nature. This creates a win-win-win situation:

– The user can support environmental projects by listening to music. So he can do something good without having to make a real donation.

– Musicians and bands get a broad public through the marketing activities of the environmental organizations and Music-For-Nature, which has correspondingly positive effects on the other songs and albums. Awareness and fan base are growing internationally.

– Last but not least, the environment benefits. The proceeds can be used to finance projects for climate protection, against species extinction and for the preservation of ecosystems.

By the way, Music-for-Nature was able to win the first top act as a supporter just two weeks ago. Culcha Candela donates all proceeds of the new Hamma! Remixes for the Music-for-Nature projects. There is really no need to wait. Start now and support the project with song donations. Just get in touch at and you will get all the information you need.