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The latest from the Reeperbahn Festival 2016

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More Sessions Than Ever! Visconti, Giddings, Presencer with Keynotes

The keynotes of legendary producer Tony Visconti, promoter heavyweight John Giddings, and Ministry Of Sound´s CEO Lohan Presencer are spearheading this year´s programme of Reeperbahn Festival Conference, that will feature nearly 300 speakers and include 125 sessions – more than ever before. The complete programme with all details is available online.

In the news below we present some of the latest confirmed topics and participants.

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Music & Taking a Stand –  Office of Offensive Culture


We are pleased that the starting signal for the Office of offensive Culture will be given at Reeperbahn Festival, personally introduced by the initiators and well known german Songwriters Heinz Ratz and Konstantin Wecker (photo).
The aim is a pacifist, anti-fascist network of artists, sound engineers, operators and local associations that will make an immediate reaction to human rights violations, rights threat or environmental offenses possible. We ask all artists, industry representatives and guests of the Reeperbahn Festival for their support and encouragement at this occasion.

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Lohan Presencer – Interviewed by Ralph Simon


Lohan Presencer (photo) is the Chairman of Ministry of Sound Group, the world famous nightclub and dance music business. We are very happy to welcome him and the highly esteemed Ralph Simon for this keynote interview at this significant moment in Ministry’s history, having recently sold its recorded music operations to Sony Music. Ralph and Lohan will discuss the future for Ministry of Sound, its continuing operations as well as its new relationship with Sony, and how this new move will continue to keep the company relevant and right there in the zeitgeist of the modern entertainment industry.

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Different Aspects of German HipHop

Marketing, Policy, Recorded

Deutschrap has shaped German language, culture and entertainment like no other subculture of the past two decades. We have great sessions prepared for you covering different aspects of the genre:
Sexism vs. Rap – a dicussion beyond the boundaries of morality, taste, politics and art in rap,
The HipHop Lying Press – a discussion of the status quo of music journalism in the digital age.
Läuft bei uns – What can we learn from German HipHop.
– Get out of the Grubby Corner – The marketing of HipHop in Germany.
Amongst the speakers you find the artists
Frauenarzt, Chima Ede, ÉSMaticx, or Amewu (photo), journalists Falk Schacht, Dennis Sand (Welt), Fréderic Schwilden (Focus), Niko Hüls (Backspin), business representatives like Davide Bortot (A Color Bright, DE), Erfan Bolourchi (83MGMT, DE) and Uwe Hoffmann (Deutscher Schutzverband gegen Diskriminierung, DE).

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From Smart Data To The Ageing Industry
These three session are dealing with some of the most challenging issues the music industry is facing:
Music Made Smarter – Music Creation Really Made Smarter With Smart Data? with Paul Gathercole (Universal Music, GB), Helena Kosinski (Nielsen Music, US), and Michael Krause (Deezer, DE)
Help the Aged – Do We Look at an Ageing Industry Playing to an Ageing Market? with Katja Kullmann (Der Freitag, DE – photo), Simon Napier-Bell (Snap-B Music, GB), Alison Wenham (AIM, GB), and Johnny Haeusler (re:publica, DE)
Europe’s Streaming – Facts, Figures and Future Perspectives of Subscriber-Based Music Streaming with Sebastian Buss (Statista, DE), Annabella Coldrick (MMF, GB),
Charlie Lexton (Merlin, GB), or Michael Pohl (Kontor New Media, DE)

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Digital Marketing for Your Music Event

The digital space is increasingly crowded, with a myriad of Facebook events, ads and countless Snapchat stories and festival videos on Youtube.
So how do you cut through the noise to reach your audience to stand out from the competition? And how can you measure the impact of your marketing campaigns?
This session
 will highlight marketing approaches and tools for music events together with Sandro Spiess (Eventbrite, DE – photo), Ewelina Yildiz (Facebook, DE), and host Ivana Dragila (former editor Musikmarkt, DE).

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Music Rights Across the Border

In recent years, the European music market witnessed the birth of so-called “one-stop shops” for music rights licensing like International Copyright Enterprise, Armonia and MINT. In this session a group of experts will discuss the following questions:  Who do these multinational cooperation initiatives appeal to?  What are the benefits for the participants in the licensing cycle of cross-border coalitions?  What are the future challenges of music rights management and how can European “hubs” contribute to a fairer market for creatives? Speakers: Virginie Berger (Armonia, FR), Prof. Dr. Rolf Budde (Budde Music, DE), Thomas Theune (GEMA, DE – photo), and host Helienne Lindvall (Auddly, SE).
This session is presented by GEMA.

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Come to MaMA!

Attracting more over 4,300 French and international delegates from the music industry, MaMA (12 – 14 October) is a major international event in Paris. With conferences, networking and concerts in the heart of Pigalle and Montmartre, MaMA seeks to provide answers about the future of the music industry, to develop business opportunities and to discover 120 French and international artists. For the second year and throughout the 3 days of the event, MaMA will dedicate an entire space “M@MA Invent”, to start-ups and innovative services of the music industry, developing business opportunities between the various actors of the industry.
Register now for the gateway to the French market!

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Get Your Registration

Music2Deal members can obtain a discounted registration code for a Reeperbahn Festival Conference Ticket by sending an email to mentioning “Discount Music2deal“ (deadline Sept 16). They will then receive a discount code including instruction to register online.

The discount will be €155,00 net (plus 19% VAT and sales fee) instead of regular fee €230,00 net (30% off).

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