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Interview with Roger Östman (A&R Consultant International/PR)

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I have been working in the music industry since 1994 started at the Swedish Radio as a music programer, went on to work as a sound engineer in a music studio but was never good enough . So when studio formed a record label I was sent in to the office , to handle PR and marketing and administration :-) So from there I went on to work for a huge indie publisher in Sweden and learnt the publishing industry from inside out . After that I was recruited to a huge German publisher and acted as their international A&R for a 2 and a half years .  Now I am running my own Voiceman Music where I do promotion, marketing and artist strategy as well as I am a co-owner of 2 small publishing companies . But into days music business I focus on promotion and marketing.



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Have you licensed your music / signed your artists internationally? Which country do you think is the best to license music to? Why?

I have place music in many different countries of course in the Nordics where my base is but also Asia, USA and all over Europe . Being a publisher is all about finding the right home for the songs and for the artists . Don’t know if any country are better or worse to get placed in it is more about finding the right song for the right artist or movie and make a match making . When it comes to artists it is all about finding the right label for them no matter what territory we are talking about.

If you were to partner with someone to license his music / sign up his artists for your region, what sort of music are you looking out for? Why?

I am not really looking into signing any artists or license any music in my region, I am more looking for artists and labels which needs promotion in the Nordics and UK . Of course I will also try to help them get their music placed here , but the main focus is promotion towards radio, press and playlists on streaming services like Spotify .


Notable projects you have completed

The one I am most proud over is

Then I have placed songs on artists like Sunrise Avenue , Befour, Carola, Percy Sledge etc so have had allot of proud moments .

Your artists/ projects are….

Right now I am working with DJ Janousek and Debbie Ray . Janousek is working with EDM and Debbie Ray is a very cool rock band . Then I have a few writers I help placing music for.


Upcoming projects

In September we will see a new sigle from Debbie Ray. We will release the single in the Nordic Countries to start with .  Dj Janousek is constantly writing and releasing songs over here .

What do you think is the single largest problem faced by the music industry today? How do you think it can be resolved?

The problem I see is that is harder and harder for us small companies to compete with the majors and that the income from streaming to songwriters are too low . Hopefully the copyright organizations and the streaming company will sit down and negotiate a new and fairer deal .

Your plans for 2016/17?

I need to get more clients in on the promotion side of the comapny that is what pays the bills , also I hope we will see Debbie Ray releasing a fulllength album later on in 2016 or early 2017 . And I am also looking for a label to relase Janouseks up coming album .

A good word on

Music2Deal as been very good for me I learnt to know a few persons on the site that I will work with in the future . It is a great networking tool on the internet . But then again meet here but also meet up IRL :-)


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