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Mozez Wright – Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Label Owner

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My journey started in Jamaica attending my father’s church I was introduced to singing around the age of twelve, been fascinated with choirs and various singer in the churches. I was about fifteen when we formed a band my brothers and me, called Channel of Praise the success of which took us to the UK some years later. My first major solo project was as lead vocalist for the band Spirits. The band had two hits Don’t Bring Me Down and Spirits inside which was top 20 in the National Charts in the early nineties. This was followed by a five-year stint as lead vocalist with the band Zero7 whose success is well documented. I released my first solo album in 2006, followed by a remix album in 2011. Whilst concentrating on production & writing for the artists signed to my label Numen Records. I have since 2012 been writing and performing with the band Nightmares on Wax. In 2015 I released my Second official album followed recently by a remix album in 2016

Have you licensed your music/signed your artists internationally?

We are currently working on licensing our music to various territories and are keenly seeking opportunities in the international market.

Which country do you find is the best to license music to and why?

We have not exhausted this field enough to make a judgment on any specific country


If you were to partner with someone to license their music/sign-up artists for your label and region, what sort of music are you looking for and why?

As a label, we are quite open to different expression of music we are not particularly concerned about the Genre of music however because of limited resources we try to stick to the field we are familiar with. We are trying to expand our base however we are currently subjected to familiar genres such as Soul, Triphop, Electronic, Downtempo, Pop, and Easy Listening.

Please provide notable projects you’ve completed?

As stated above as Mozez: (Vocalist Writer and Performer) Spirits, Zero7 & Nightmares on Wax. Mozez Solo projects- (albums) So Still, Time Out, Wings, and Dream State. Label Projects -Gentle Beauty, (Mari) Wings and Dream State (Mozez)

Your current artists/projects/goals?

Our primary focus as a label is the organic growth of all artists involved with us, the focus is on building a long-term career as an artist so developing, creating and maintaining a body of quality work is essential.

Details of upcoming new releases and gigs?

Over the next year, we will be releasing albums and singles for Mari, Mozez, Michaelarkk and Mico. We are currently seeking gigs formal our artist. Dates coming soon

What do you think is the biggest single problem faced by the music industry today and how do you think it can be resolved?

The advent of the internet has left the music business in a state of uncertainty. With the almost free availability of the artist produce once it’s uploaded, creates a major problem in that you are actually hoping that people will be honest enough to purchase your albums or singles. Solving this will be no easy as I do believe that the internet should remain a free service to all, however, I think we need to have a governing body that specifically deals with an illegal site that offers downloads. We also have a number of companies that offers the artist music without much payment to the artist; this again I think needs to be looked regulated.

Your plans for 2016/17?

We are focused on the release of four main albums and singles over the next year.

What advice would you offer to newcomers seeking a vocal career in music?

Develop an entrepreneurial attitude to the music business. Think of it as a business and treat it as such.

Creativity vs, the business aspects of the music industry, what are your views on this (just as) important area?

The days of primarily being a creator and hoping that the business area will take care of itself are no longer true as the amalgamation of these areas is what will make you successful or not.

What you advise vocalists to seek a manager and what attributes should they seek if so?

A manager can be a very important asset however self-knowledge and management are even a greater attribute. If you desire a manager it’s probably necessary that that person is a friend who you actually believe have your welfare at heart.

What have been your best & worst experiences in music?

I guess it’s in the early days singing with my brothers, hearing exactly the correct sounds harmonizing with you possibly cannot be beaten. The worst experience; probably forgetting your lines with thousands of people looking at you.

With regards to social-media, how do you project yourself as well as share your work in both music & art?

This is a difficult area to achieve the correct balance as sometimes what you think you want to put out as an artist is not essentially the correct picture sound or idea to put out. It’s easy to get it so wrong. It’s a very important tool and should be used with careful attention and imagination. This is something we are still working at.

Is a track-record of live performances a must-have?

I think this is essential if you hope to be taken seriously.

In the current mixture of music, digital media, and social media, how relevant are record labels in achieving a measure of success & an income?

We will never be able to dispense of record labels it is an essential part of the music business and I think will always be, however, the days when artist solely relies on record label is no more the internet and other sources have made it possible for artist to build their own self-contained business and have reasonable success.

Do artists still need a manager in such an era?

A manager can be an important asset however not necessarily vital as you can do a lot for yourself these days.

Can you fill us in on the background to the creation of your forthcoming album?

The new album I’m currently producing is called Sainted Rebels I hope to release it in mid to late 2017. I’m working with a few friends and producers on its production and believe it will be my best album yet. I’m in the process of selecting the songs I will be using and hope that it will be a cohesive piece of work.

Per your almost 20 year career on the underground scene, it seems that this is a big album as it will take your music to a wider ‘general’ audience, how does that make you feel?

I continue to put my thoughts, ideas and feeling out there and hope that one day it will get to a wider audience. Over the years I always try to do good music. I’m doing everything I know and hoping for more people to listen to what I have to say I recognize there are no guarantees but I’m feeling as positive now as I did when I started.

After building a solid reputation on the underground down-tempo scene what currently are your ambitions for the future?

My primary focus is firstly on the new album I hope that I can continue to put forth the quality work I have been putting out over the years. Secondly is on developing my Label Numen Records hoping to harness new talent and hopefully, give them a podium to expose their work.

With regards to live performances, can you describe your ideal environment and setting?

There is no such thing as an ideal environment I think wherever there is a good sound system and people that will listen that’s ideal.

A good word about would be appreciated.

I like the idea of music2deal there are a number of companies around however one that is as clear and uncomplicated as this is not out there!


Mozez Wright on Music2Deal

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