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Interview with Music2Deal Member Patrick Cohen (YZ Records, UK)


Tell us a bit about yourself?
PC : My name is Patrick Cohen an entrepreneur , music lover , blogger, writer, songwriter, transformational activist from London UK . I am the founder of Yinc Ltd a group of business trading in varied industries and YZ Records is arm operating the music industry alongside Yjukebox the recently added marketing and Video distribution branch.

Have you signed your artists internationally? 
PC : Yes although we relatively new on this market I have signed and licensed an artist internationally ,I would say worldwide in 2013 .

Which country do you think is the best to license music to? Why?
PC : Commonly the US is the best to license music to because of the size of the market and the importance of the opportunity in the entertaiment industry, but I personally deal a lot with the UK because o the variety ad flexibility of the demand, however countries such as Germany France and the scandinavia , Japan, New Zealand as well as Australia have good niches if you want to expend.

If you were to partner with someone to license his music / sign up his artists for your region, what sort of music are you looking out for? 
PC: For the UK Pop music and urban music in general but I work almost in all style excepted Heavy metal and gangster rap which I have not exploited yet for parental advisories reasons . I am also working on experimental musics such urban classic , and Reggazz (Jazzy Reggae ) because the UK is one of the most open when it comes to innovation , experimental music.




Notable projects you have completed??
PC : I have released a single titled Liberator with the premier Afro- European Jewish hip hop act in 2013 who developed under YZ Records; but I got seriously burnt by some so called independent music industry professional who supposedly want to help the independent music . As you can notice no release since then and the business almost closed down, thanks God the business has more than one leg. The reason why we added our own distribution in partnership with well established company to prevent this big scam going on right now in the music industry.

Before the restructuration of our business the Record label lost all of the artists in the course of resolving the infrigement of our copyrights resulting in non payment of royalties , As matter of fact we are still in litigations on that issue.

The coming projects are Elle the princess of Life Music from London UK . 22 years old who work on vintage soul music with urban flavour coupled with substantial lyrics . Life Music is about bringing back to like the vintage musically and souls which are buried in dead hopes. Release late this year.

Then Jahmarya who is a Reggae artist from South London to be reeased next year .

Haute Gam is the haute music band working on making world Music luxurious . The band led by Lazare Gaman aka music factory the former keyboard player of the international Reggae artist Alpha Blondy , to be released late this year as well .

Then have the 3G who are 1 twin(brother and sister) James 13 years old and Martha 13 years old and their younger sister Faith 11 years old , James is a Genius producer, drummer, Martha plays bass guitar , keyboard and does backing vocals, Faith plays keyboard , a bit of violin and is lead singer, We also have their older brother  the already legendary Percussionist, Drummer, producer, Music teacher Steven G Legend who worked for;Rihanna, Rita Ora, Ghetts and Kano to name a few. His main

influence is his father Lazare Gaman, a producer, who he saw making music as a young child. At the age of 8, his parents bought him his first ever drum kit and since then he’s never looked back. His musical styles include jazz-fusion, RnB, Funk, Neo-Soul and Gospel. In February 2011 Steven performed for Rihanna at the Brit Awards and the following year went on to work with Rita Ora and Ghetts. In April 2013 he completed his first European Tour with Conor Maynard and
also supported Will.I.AM in December later that year.Steven is a co-founder of the CUPC Charity who attend the needs of privileged children in Africa. He will be Launching his own Music Academy very soon and releasing his own music. on YZ Records .

He is currently touring worldwide with Kwabs (Atlantic Records),

Steven G Legend has become too heavy for the size of the label so we are looking for major to take over his coming projects with his collective Legend City .

I am meanwhile open to collaborate with any artist on various projects since I am partnering with 4 production companies.

What do you think is the single largest problem faced by the music industry today?
PC: The largest single problem we face is of moral order , “Greed” which birth, deceit , corruption , envy ,as I said earlier we were burnt by people who pretended to help the independent music professional survive the cannibalistic environment of the industry yet they happen to be worst than the majors . Some conspiration theorists believe such people were sent by the major to create an atmosphere of insecurity and fear so the only safe way for music would be the majors . I do not know but something is sure I am right now partnering with major or sub major who seem safer.

How do you think it can be resolved?
PC: Organisations such Music2Deal could be a way to resolve this issue by exposing the rotten apples get them to fix themselves or else have the same sanctions as criminal or sex offenders . Through this strong network of morally fit real music lovers who understand the power of shared economy we can make a big change at the point of influencing the music industry worldwide . If we have a well organised professionally and morally competent group of Music2Deal ambassadors we can influence  bigger organisation and governments to implement change.

Your plans for 2016/17?
PC: As I pointed out previously I have few releases coming up at the end of 2016 and in the spring 2017 music wise .

A good word on
PC: What if Music2Deal was the hope of the independent Music industry ? We can make it happen, if to change the world we need to change our mentality Music2Deal has done a bit more than that by putting in the hands of Independent music professional the tool to make a change. And I am not only wishing all the best in succeeding in that task but I am dedicated to be involved to make it happen. All the blessings to Mario Christiani and his collaborators .


Link: Patrick Cohen (ZY Records, UK)



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