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Interview with Thomas Rodenbach

GER, Thomas Rodenbach

Please tell us something about yourself, Thomas.

I am a singer/songwriter (English Pop-Music) living in Munich/Germany. In the past I already had success with songs that I wrote for female artists – but also for my own, e.g. as only solo-artist and finalist in a music competition for the famous German TV station “ARD”. Two years ago I decided to work on my debut-album, which currently appeared on the 15th of November this year!

Why have you decided to become a member of Music2Deal?

First of all with “Won`t let you down” I wrote my first song for the album 2 years ago. Later I decided to look for a platform, where a) I could present this song a closed community of people working in the music area and b) furthermore do some networking. Soon I found “Music2Deal” and was positively surprised by the variety of different options that I was offered. So I decided to become a member and uploaded my song “Won`t let you down”.

You told us that you have made a really good deal on Music2Deal. Can you tell us more about it?

For the next 3 months “Won`t let you down” was ranked in the TOP 5 list of all songs due to the good votings by different members all over the world. I got very positive feedback and every day I made more new contacts. Then I used the search function looking for a label that was open for a newcomer. Later I got signed by 7us media group GmbH, an excellent label in Winnenden!

You released your debut album “Stars” on the 15th November. Are all songs written by yourself? How long have you been working on the album? 

All in all it only took 1 year to have the songs written for my debut-album “Stars”. In this year we also produced my first video on the first single release “Won`t let you down”, which actually has > 22.000 clicks on YouTube! The song was released on 4th of October and already made it into the TOP 100 German radio mainstream charts! A really great start – further pushed through my label!

What are your plans for the future and your musical career?

My big target is to emotionally reach people all over the world with my songs, passion, my voice and the piano! Actually starting in Germany to enlarge my fanbase. So I am in contact with different booking agencies in order to get gigs. I am open for new requests and would also play as support act for famous artists. I can play solo – but also have a great band with professional musicians! Also, I am still searching for a music manager. If you are interested, you can send me an email (tothomas.rodenbach@gmx.de) or get in contact with me through Music2Deal!

You can also get more information about me on my Facebook fanpage:


Check out my video: “Won`t let you down”:


You can download my debut-album via amazon, musicload, itunes…!

Thanks again to Music2Deal – which already opened some doors… Excited what is still to come!!

by Sara Shirazi

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