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Music2Deal – Interview with Dennis Makhari (Ambassador)

We take the needs of our members at heart and although Music2Deal runs on a technological platform, we form and keep close relationships with our members, whether it be an artist, a publisher or any other music industry professional.

We decided to introduce our first appointed Music2Deal Ambassador by means of a video interview, since it creates credibility and enthusiasm amongst current and future members.   There is no better testimonial but to see and hear what Music2Deal is doing for all players in the music industry, but to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

About Dennis Makhari

As with many songwriters, Dennis holds a steady position as a management consultant in the corporate business world.  However his passion for writing music and as an entrepreneur with a vision, Dennis realized the importance of networking and joined Music2Deal in December 2011.  He has been a supportive and very active member of Music2Deal, ensuring that he builds the necessary contacts in the music industry through Music2Deal to bring his songwriting and music production visions to fruition.

Dennis has an extremely wide and diverse taste in music, from R&B right through to the likes of Pink Floyd and is currently writing songs for his next album project.  Dennis’s immediate future plan is to put together a band that can provide an authentic live musical experience, as he states “we want to connect with our audience in a way that is unrestricted by a specific genre”.

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