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6 Guerilla Marketing Tips For Your Band


Especially when you have a small budget, Guerilla Marketing can be the right way for you to promote your band. It is a marketing tactic which is famous for surprises and unconventional interactions. The following tips will show you that you don’t always need wide-spread media campaigns in order to promote your music.

1.   Stamping Dollar Bills
Go and get a personalized stamp with the link to your band’s homepage. You can also add a cheeky slogan like “This is all you have to pay for a night full of fun” (for example if your concert tickets cost 20$) and put the stamp on every 20$ bill that falls into your hands. A personalized stamp will cost you about 15$.

2.   Temporary Tattoos

There are temporary tattoos that only last up to 1 or 2 days. So why not do something crazy and get a ‘tattoo’ of your band’s name and the link to your website on your arm, your leg …or even your forehead? With your new look, you can go to a concert for example or almost anywhere where you can meet people who are interested in music.

3.   Surprise Concert

Why don’t you give a surprise concert in the city-center or at any other place that’s crowded? Distributing flyers and CD’s will help people remembering who you are. Don’t forget to mention where your next gig takes place so people can come and see you again.

4.   Business Cards and Flyers

Go to your local library or bookstore and search for books about music or band biographies. Put one of your flyers or business cards in each and every book. This is a very cheap and effective way to reach your potential fans.

5.   Disco Time
Do you still have the stamp you used for stamping the 20$ bills? Good, because you will need it again! Many clubs use stamps to mark the people who already paid admission. So why shouldn’t it be your stamp that is used? Go and ask the organizer of the event if he would agree to use your stamp for one night. People will remember the link to your website even on the next day! ( The ink seems pretty permanent even after having a shower, doesn’t it? ;-) )

6.   CD-Store

Here is a special offer for your local CD store the owner just can’t dislike: Ask him if you can give a little concert in (or in front of) the store. He could also give away your CD’s for free or for a special price. This is a mutual benefit: Promotion for your band AND for the CD store.

What are your tips for effective Guerilla Marketing?

by Sara Shirazi

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