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How to compose your own music in 3 easy steps

If you want to start composing your own music, there are a few things you should know. First of all, the main milestones of music are Melody, Harmony and Rhythm. You can use all of these elements or even ignore some of them. The key is to experiment with all the pieces and find your own style.
1. Collect ideas
I bet you already have some really good ideas. Write them down on a piece of paper and collect everything that is on your mind. If you need inspiration, then do whatever inspires you: Reading, doing sports, having a glass of wine … ;-)
2. Dig deeper
Did you write down all your ideas? Good! Now think about the instruments you would like to have in your piece. Do you want to sing the song on your own or is there anybody you would want to collaborate with? Think about every little detail and, again, write it all down. Don’t forget to think about the structure of the song!
3. Let’s begin!
Congratulations! By now you should have a detailed idea of your piece! It’s time to turn your ideas into music, so take your instrument(s) and start playing whatever is on your mind. It might take you a few tries to do it perfectly, but don’t give up. Whenever you realize that an idea doesn’t work or something else comes to your mind, write it down. This piece of paper will help you a lot, especially when you skip the composing for a few days. Just keep going and record a rythm or a melody, step by step and add what is missing whenever you have an idea. Composing is no magic – it is a creating process, step by step!
Have fun!
by Sara Shirazi

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