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Don’t believe these lies!

If you want to break into the music market you might face some difficulties, because a lot of people want to benefit from your inexperience. Here are some of the biggest lies you should not believe!

1. “We don’t need a contract.”

Yes, you do! Although a contract may be a little bit time consuming, you should never go without it. This is the only way to keep each other safe and if a label, a new partner or a manager is serious about working with you, he will have no problem with a contract.

 2. “I will pay you the next time.”

No! Some people might assure you that they will pay you afterwards (for example after a gig) or the next time they see you. This is mostly just a trick to delay the payment and you will probably never receive the money. Insist on your payment!

 3. “Leave your music here so I can show it my partner.”

Don’t ever leave your music at a client’s house before you didn’t negotiate the deal. You can never be sure what he is really doing with your music – maybe he will use your ideas for a competitor. Always be sure to consider the contract advice (1.)!

 4. “You are an unknown artist. I don’t need to pay you!”

Many people are trying to exploit young artists and to get free promotion through a gig etc.. You are not committed to get involved with these unfair practices. If somebody is not just bent on the promotion  h e  will receive through your gig, he will pay you a little money.

What are the lies you had to face in the music industry?

by Sara Shirazi

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