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How To Find The Right Producer For Your Songs


Trying to find the right producer for your songs may not be as easy as it actually sounds. As an artist, you have great visions and you will need somebody who helps you to translate these visions to the rest of the world. A good producer should bring out the best in you, even if this means hard work, sweat and tears. So one important thing your producer should definitely have is experience. It has to be somebody you can put your trust in and somebody who has the right connections in the music industry to help you achieving your goals.

Finding a match with good chemistry will give your songs more energy and will bring out the best in you as an artist. Most producers are looking for something unique in an artist, so try to keep that in mind. They are going to invest a lot of time and effort in you, so first of all you should believe in yourself and your talent.

As a first step you will need to know how much money you will be able to pay for the services of a producer and if you are willing to travel if he doesn’t live nearby. Then you can start your search and contact the producers you like. Don’t hesitate to approach a big name producer because you never know who is going to like your music. Set up a meeting with the candidates and invite each one to come and see you live. It is important that you find someone you feel comfortable being around.

When you have the first meeting with a producer you like, make sure to have many songs to choose from. Bring your lyrics sheets and your tapes with you and let him listen to a variety of songs. It may be hard for an artist to be objective about his own songs, but it’s possible that the producer likes a song you are unsure about. This is a great opportunity to work on this song together to make it better!

Keep communicating with the producer after showing him some of your songs. You can ask him anything that comes to your mind and a good producer will also be interested in knowing some things about you and your songs, too. It’s a matter of chemistry and you should be sure that HE is the right one to translate your visions into music.

If you found your perfect match it’s time for the contract. This should at least include the duration of the project, the scale per song or per hour, the budget and when the payments should be made.

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For example:

Harald Schabbach (Music Producer from Germany) http://bit.ly/12YAVqk

Ken Will (Music Producer from the USA) http://bit.ly/11rHC68

Charles Foskett (Music Producer from the UK) http://bit.ly/Zabb9P

by Sara Shirazi

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Don’t believe these lies!

If you want to break into the music market you might face some difficulties, because a lot of people want to benefit from your inexperience. Here are some of the biggest lies you should not believe!

1. “We don’t need a contract.”

Yes, you do! Although a contract may be a little bit time consuming, you should never go without it. This is the only way to keep each other safe and if a label, a new partner or a manager is serious about working with you, he will have no problem with a contract.

 2. “I will pay you the next time.”

No! Some people might assure you that they will pay you afterwards (for example after a gig) or the next time they see you. This is mostly just a trick to delay the payment and you will probably never receive the money. Insist on your payment!

 3. “Leave your music here so I can show it my partner.”

Don’t ever leave your music at a client’s house before you didn’t negotiate the deal. You can never be sure what he is really doing with your music – maybe he will use your ideas for a competitor. Always be sure to consider the contract advice (1.)!

 4. “You are an unknown artist. I don’t need to pay you!”

Many people are trying to exploit young artists and to get free promotion through a gig etc.. You are not committed to get involved with these unfair practices. If somebody is not just bent on the promotion  h e  will receive through your gig, he will pay you a little money.

What are the lies you had to face in the music industry?

by Sara Shirazi