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How To Find The Right Producer For Your Songs


Trying to find the right producer for your songs may not be as easy as it actually sounds. As an artist, you have great visions and you will need somebody who helps you to translate these visions to the rest of the world. A good producer should bring out the best in you, even if this means hard work, sweat and tears. So one important thing your producer should definitely have is experience. It has to be somebody you can put your trust in and somebody who has the right connections in the music industry to help you achieving your goals.

Finding a match with good chemistry will give your songs more energy and will bring out the best in you as an artist. Most producers are looking for something unique in an artist, so try to keep that in mind. They are going to invest a lot of time and effort in you, so first of all you should believe in yourself and your talent.

As a first step you will need to know how much money you will be able to pay for the services of a producer and if you are willing to travel if he doesn’t live nearby. Then you can start your search and contact the producers you like. Don’t hesitate to approach a big name producer because you never know who is going to like your music. Set up a meeting with the candidates and invite each one to come and see you live. It is important that you find someone you feel comfortable being around.

When you have the first meeting with a producer you like, make sure to have many songs to choose from. Bring your lyrics sheets and your tapes with you and let him listen to a variety of songs. It may be hard for an artist to be objective about his own songs, but it’s possible that the producer likes a song you are unsure about. This is a great opportunity to work on this song together to make it better!

Keep communicating with the producer after showing him some of your songs. You can ask him anything that comes to your mind and a good producer will also be interested in knowing some things about you and your songs, too. It’s a matter of chemistry and you should be sure that HE is the right one to translate your visions into music.

If you found your perfect match it’s time for the contract. This should at least include the duration of the project, the scale per song or per hour, the budget and when the payments should be made.

Many producers from all around the world can be found on Music2Deal, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with them!

For example:

Harald Schabbach (Music Producer from Germany) http://bit.ly/12YAVqk

Ken Will (Music Producer from the USA) http://bit.ly/11rHC68

Charles Foskett (Music Producer from the UK) http://bit.ly/Zabb9P

by Sara Shirazi

33 thoughts on “How To Find The Right Producer For Your Songs

  1. I am trying to find a producer but,it isn’t easy me and my cousin are trying to find a team of three are already two of them but we,just need one more we’ve been wanting to do this,for like three or four years we are trying to make up a song but it’s really hard can you help us pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!

    1. Hello Aaron, I have just spotted your comments as I am a gospel Artist . I have quite a lot of new songs and I am looking for someone to work with to form a band, produce etc. Please contact me as I think by now you would have made good progress.

  2. I wanna find the right producer n I love pics I don’t have that much. Money but we can make agreements call 832-352-5470

  3. I am kinda shy so can any one work with me I don’t have tha r much money to do to much so if any one can help tell me

  4. I need a producer because i want to take things to the next level see people making there day and like half of my music is basic on my life and how i live it.But if i can get one that person need to like me for who i am and my raps.Am a 11year old trying to make my dream come true,that is why i want a producer.

  5. I’m an R&B singer mostly like the dark style. and it’s hard to compare my taste to a producers work. I’m in Riverdale, ca. Just a small town singer wanting to go far with it all.

  6. I am an artist I been doing this since I was 12 years old I love wat I do I do poetry also spanish and English songs and Spanish and English raps I really will make y’all money a lot of money cuz I can perform I both languish

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