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Artist & Repertoire or how talents are discovered (Interview with the new SouthEast Europe Music2Deal Representative, Laszlo Gajda)

Laszlo Gajda Press másolata

Laszlo, you are the exclusive representative of Music2Deal in the SouthEastern Europe region that includes several countries. How do you feel about the challenge to represent so many countries at the same time?

First of all, let me thank the opportunity to be part of a fantastic team which is for helping individuals and business entitles to find each other in the music field. I think that it is a wonderful idea to provide a platform for people interested in the same topics and having similar goals. If you check the market out, there are several pages where you can virtually meet and get to know people but none of them is specialized only for the music! I can only encourage all musicians and business entities to join and try out how this platform can make our lives easier.

Besides, I am really proud to represent a big region including 14 countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Moldavia). You could ask how can somebody manage so many countries at the same time. However, telling the truth I do not look for them as separate countries but managing them with the “one region” mindset. I do believe that these countries have many things in common – not just generally but in the music business as well.


Music business… how did you end up in this field?

I decided it to live for my passion when I was 14. Becoming a musician or a music expert was complicated in my country that time. I had to live many other things while the opportunity came. I used to be a university student of chemistry, salesclerk and sometimes unemployed. The key of the future success was not giving my dreams up even in that period when I could not see how it would end up. I was just working on reaching my goals, learning more about music and the music industry. I was sparing all of my money to buy gears in order to build up my first own studio. While other guys went to cinema I put the money into my piggy bank instead of going with them…


So you are an A&R Director. Would you mind to share some backstage secrets on how you discover the talents? Which are the most important factors that you consider?

Charisma. I think that this is the most important. I always say that a producer can correct the pitch of a vocal track but there is no “feeling knob” on the gadgets. Several times I offered a contract to kind of artists who were not the best singers but they had something unexplainable feature. Yes, it meant that I had to go against my colleagues who were unwilling to offer a contract to them. But the time verified my intuition.


It is very interesting… you in an office, behind a table discovering talents. How I should image you acting in this role?

Good question! You know me, I am not a kind of person who likes sitting behind a table and looking at the computer. But globalization is globalization and of course, even I have to adapt to some company rules like emails, calls and company meetings. Then, I switch the amplifiers on and start to listen the tons of demos sitting in my room. Usually, I can point the talents out listening the tracks only for some seconds. If they moved something in me, then I spend more time on deciding whether it is good or it even has something in addition that I am looking forward.


So I was right. I have to imagine you in the office…

Not only! For example, in 2001 I made the push for television with TV2’s “Popstar” as a judge and producing the show-winning pop troupe Sugar & Spice. It was a great experience but also a challenge. As an example, I had never stand in front of a camera before! So, besides doing the same A&R activity that I did day by day as the A&R Direction for Universal Music, I had to acquire some practices on how to appear and work in front of a camera.

However, as to mention also the other side of the coin, I had to realize that this kind of shows are not only about talents… but there is a huge part of show business in there.


How do you know whether something is good and modern? How do you keep yourself up-to-date?

It is simple: it is my job! Besides, as an artist at the same time, I could not live without producing my own music as well. Therefore, I spend some times in my studio after working hours.


But then, what do you do after work? Go to your studio and continue to work on music?

No, not only. The essence of being an artist is the richness of your soul. For me it can be reached through exploring more cultures, traveling, gardening and of course, doing my own music as well.


What do you suggest for the artist being part of having success in the music business?

First, you have to be conscious about your goals, the way you would like to reach it. At the same time your name should sound familiar in the music business so that people can recognize you. I think that this is the point where can help you a lot! Also, you can learn a lot from more experienced people who share their experiences and you have to find out how it could help you to improve your skills. So, be with us and be active!

One thought on “Artist & Repertoire or how talents are discovered (Interview with the new SouthEast Europe Music2Deal Representative, Laszlo Gajda)

  1. Only singers, Lazlo? How come you miss out on discovering jazz oboe players! Just sayin’……

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