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Happy Holidays dear reader & member!


Myself & team wanted to take a brief pause & moment to wish you the best of life for the holiday season and also, to say a simple thank for your ongoing membership & musical endeavours via the Music2Deal platform, thank you so much!

As we look back, 2016 was a successful year for us here as we’re proud & pleased with the on-going platform changes, updates & improvements via the tools provided on the M2D site. We strongly believe that by providing members with the tools to build & focus their career, our members can create their own unique space & niche in the global music market-place.

If we achieve this, then frankly, that’s confirmation that we have achieved our goal & aim of giving something back to our beloved world of music. We’re also of course huge music lovers at Music2Deal and this is what drives us too so; it’s both a passion & a pleasure! These are the motivators that drive all of us at Music2Deal so we’re happy to let you clearly know this as we move into a new year.

The team at Music2Deal realise that in the immediate & short term, Music2Deal could be considered as just ‘another’ networking site but we always envisaged that members would use the tools and presence to become part of any professionals strategic music career build-out and to be used for their long term career aspirations. We provide that platform & experience so Music2Deal makes sense.

This is because although members may well be in regular contact with 5-10% of your business friends on other networking & social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook etc and you may well have met potential new contacts & associates at industry events 1 or 2 times a year, the fact remains that you still won’t always know what your contact may be offering or looking for right now in the professional market place and this is where Music2Deal gives you the opportunity to always be informed about music offers and requests from your network.

In addition, your circle of friends, followers on other platforms can also easily be made aware of new offers & requests from your work across other social media platforms. So, simply adjust your profile settings via the ‘connections’ option & multi-share your offers & wants per your particular own social media strategy.

With these subtle factors considered, it really makes sense to build your brand & strategic musical career on Music2Deal as we  are here for all professionals in the music industry that are seeking to create their own opportunities and to make deals & collaborations happen.

Nearly finished but we must say also whilst here that we’re very proud & happy to advise you that we now have 10,000 globally verified members and 10,000+ site visits per month. This makes all of us here very proud that Music2Deal has established itself as a must-have tool & an important part of the music industry as we move into 2017.

With all of the above in mind, we’d like to again thank all of our 10,000 members actively using Music2Deal and to wish you & your family best wishes for a peaceful and joyous holiday season.

Peace & Music, forever.

Mario Christiani & your Music2Deal Team

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays dear reader & member!

    Whether these holidays bring you
    Joy, happiness, serenity, love and health,
    But also a roof over the head, to eat in the fridge,
    Heating to warm up,
    A good bed to rest, friends to share! And especially peace in the world !!! …. Thanks for your actions towards the musicians!

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