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‘Passion’ by Pier O (M2D Belgium) Music2Deal album review.


Genre:                 Lounge/downtempo

Release date:     22-Aug-16

Label:                   M-Sol Records http://m-solrecords.com/








Album intro

Pier-O’s first album captures very high quality lounge music that follows the modern chill out trends & includes jazz and balearic elements in Pier’s own unique emotional musical style. A few tracks are included which were produced in collaboration with worldwide famous musicians such as Marga Sol, Euphonic Traveller, and Marie Therese. Experience Pier’s own ‘passion’ for music via the unique musical vibe & style captured in this, the producer’s debut album.

A note from the artist

I have had a history of love for music since I was born. This love of music ranges from classical to metal, with a never-ending love for Pink Floyd. During the mid 90’s I was listening to a lot of 12″ house music vinyl releases, had a few of my own old skool trance tracks released too and as this was first decade of the new millennium, I remember how at that time, I was just amazed at the musical possibilities so I first specialized in analogue vintage synths. This taught me how to work well with both synthesizer sound creation as well as modular synths and I’m proud to say that I’ve been the owner of many classic synthesizers over the years. That list has included the ARP, Elka, EML, EMS, MOOG, Oberheim & Roland legends and even the mighty Yamaha CS-80 (yes, the very same synthesiser Vangelis utilised so well on the classic ‘Chariots of Fire’ and ‘Blade Runner’ soundtracks).

I actually do still have some of the original tracks that I produced during that ambient music period of my life on my SoundCloud profile;


The underlying concept of Music2Deal was the major draw factor that made me want to join the platform. Music2Deal’s global musician networking premise, the ability to offer music for licensing as well as the free tools on the site are frankly a breath of fresh air for the music industry.”


Authors note; Wonderful of sound that are mellow, classy & capture certain panache. That’s how Pier’s music makes me feel. I really dig it when I hear music & abstract sounds in a track & more so from those with an ear for quality music based on their previous track/album work, social media shares as well as general on & off-line conversations. So, with that said, it was a real pleasure to both hear as well as scribe some words on this new piece of work, the debut album from Pier released via the label of our mutual associate; the multi-talented Marga Sol. Thank you both, myself & many others appreciate your musical efforts, so, well there it is dear reader, please enjoy my review & sound experience when listening to this album for the first time recently.

Peace & Music, forever

Darren @ Music2Deal, Nov’ 16


Elisa’s Story (Space Dream Mix)Love the opening, dreamalicious, definitely. Lots of good touches here & an extremely chilled vibe throughout, big like & thoroughly enjoyed the wind work samples. In this instance, Pier takes the sound of the trumpet, records and then ‘plays the trumpet’ via his MIDI piano keyboard until satisfied with the sound created. If Pier is not happy with the initial sound then he simply edits or re-records again until comfortable, refinement works.

Hot Summer Breeze – Wow, love the ocean opener and then the bass, such a good & instant vibe, with beats, trumpet & vibe all merged so very well. I feel the influence of Sven Van Hees and his Matrass Mambo** track which is wonderful to hear and, perhaps even an homage to that classic Latin lounge track but regardless that’s what this feels like, intentional or not. An excellent down tempo track Pier and now as I type it’s once more with the trumpet sample (Y) so good on the ear and, the title is perfect! I’d personally enjoy hearing this (loudly) on a beach anywhere in the sun with good company & a cool glass in hand, chuckles J the ending is a nice touch too, quality.

*which, dear reader is in-fact the technically correct track title from Sven’s classic ‘Gemini’ album, i.e. not Mattress, it’s a language thing peeps :)

Red Sunset (feat. Mia Lemar) – I really enjoyed the opening sequence on this track and once more, such good accompanying work from the trumpet. Mia Lemar delivers her contribution perfectly I feel vs. the overall ‘tone’ of the track & mood in-play, excellent. Definitely, a lazy Sunday morning vibe & flavor to it, yep, a first track of the day selection with good coffee please, that’ll work. Another like is the tinkling piano throughout…perfect & then the sax, horn & vocal together as we move on through the track, very chic Pier! J #GotPanache #GotClass

Waiting (For You) – Yet another dreamy opening sequence, I can see why Pier & I both like DF Tram and that’s all I can really say about that J it’s a music-lover ‘thing’ peeps, chuckles. Aaaanyway and then, the synths begin, nice background atmosphere generated here, all elements in play, clearly a soundscape track, love that guitar riff & the piano, it’s just right, not too much, not too little, on the cusp, tight track.

Eiffel Tower Dream – I was both intrigued & immediately curious for more simply by the starting sequence & trumpet sampling here. That aspect brings the track alive instantly & grabbed my ears too. Enjoyed the slight echo on this, don’t know if this is freestyle but it works & I dig it. The pause & rebuild @ 2.55 then the sax is a nice touch and again, that echo, another nice touch. Like the end sequence also, it’s that echo again but this time on the vibraphones. Cool fade-out to end also here.

Long Kiss at Trocadero – Another wonderful beginning that makes me curious for more, like it when that happens, lovely high synth & waves of sound in the background, an immediate dreamy atmosphere created, it all hangs together very well.

And now, a brief interlude & some ad-hoc background on this track from Pier himself:

“Long Kiss at Trocadero was composed after my first meeting in Paris with my former girlfriend who I still love, we kissed first time in Paris on a seat in Trocadero Park in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower…also, the many “I love you’s” on the album and sensual whisperings in the background were recorded by her side on that day, good memories.”**

** The splash of life & love that adds fuel to ‘the process’ I’m sure, thank you for sharing that insight Pier, DP)

Le Ciel de Paris (Pier-O Pont Des Arts Mix) by Euphonic Traveller – Always a quality track, it’s just sooooo Parisian & mellow. Btw and frankly, anything composed by Euphonic Traveller (such a cool handle, always thought so) is allll ways worth a listen per the high-quality consistency of ET’s output; guy’s got taste & a good ear for the sweet-sounds.

Poison & Passion (Pier O Passionata remix) by Marga Sol) – Nice remix of Marga’s own original track , it’s clear that Pier & Marga work very well together based on this album as well as other historic collaborative albums & singles, yep, like that.

Love Jazz (for the weekend) – Sighs, lovely track, I can imagine myself in good company in a smoky bar anywhere in the world listening to this, very sensual saxophone so yep, definitely a ‘love Jazz feeling’ here.

Promenade – Love the opening as the music bleeds in, a mini soundscape in itself this track and the piano overlay is pure pleasure on the ears.

Fermer Les Yeux – Simple but effective this track, not overdone, a nice slice of downtempo

Air of Love (feat. Marga Sol) – Very much enjoyed the guitar & vocal effect’s here and of course, my beloved flute, I just love that instrument! J

Lady Fantasy (The Next Summer) – Grabbed my ear from the start, its sooo chilled & I really enjoyed the keyboard work & sound effects. Simply put; a pleasure to both listen to & to work with in the morning with coffee but hey, that statement goes for the whole album dear reader, highly recommended with caffeine, most definitely, trust D.

Gin & Tonic (Pier-O Bossa Chill Mix) by Marie Therese – I always enjoy the mood & atmosphere captured in this track and the excellent saxophone work by Hal Millen so good to see it’s been captured also as it’s been a while so, like bumping into an old friend, if you will, chuckles J

A word from Pier about this particular track: “The wonderful original track, pure chill-out, composed by the lovely Marie Therese, who’s always been a great friend of mine too.”

Beach Waves – Frankly, this tracks sounds just like its title, so that’s kicking back on a beach, anywhere, listening to this & gazing out at the oceans…oh yes, a definite Zen track for sure, biiiiig like from DP on that.

Finally & to wrap-up this review, I thought it would be informative for readers to have an insight into some of the technical & tooling background utilised in the production of this album & from Pier himself;

  • All the tracks were fully created using samples except for the human voices as all the sensual whisperings & background voices are my muse (i.e. my former girlfriend). The French talking voices are samples from Mia Lemar as well as an associate of Euphonic Traveller who also utilised the same lady’s voice-over talents on his ‘Lounging Paris’ album.
  • I try to do all mixing and mastering myself too except for the final mastering ahead of release & when all the tracks are ready. That aspect is performed by Marga and her team only and covers areas such as ensuring that the overall loudness of all songs is equal. Regardless I’m still learning some aspects of production so I have up’s & down’s day after day… After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. J
  • Today’s sample libraries are very close to the real instruments so sometimes I use sample loops, but generally, I try not to use too many sample loops like some other musicians can do so I compose most of the melodies & chords myself. Generally, I’m playing everything, instrument by instrument using a sample library of that particular instrument. Only the electric piano comes from my real Rhodes EP mk I while the deeper bass sounds are produced via my vintage MOOG Minimoog. I also usually utilize the following sample tools in my production process; a piano or an electronic piano, strings, pads, trumpet, tenor saxophone, horns and vibraphones.
  • All the above tools are utilised via the Pro Tools music system on my computer, my DAW.

Hope that was a good flava of the album peeps & I hope your enjoyed!

Darren – Music2Deal UK

©DP @ Music2Deal

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