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The Stone Roses Release “All For One”, Teach Brilliant Lesson on Promotion in Modern Music Industry

Thirty Roses

the-stone-roses-1072594-TwoByOneThe Stone Roses are one of the bands everyone is always speculating about: Are they reuniting? Are they making a new album? Are they touring? Now, everyone’s favorite Manchester legends have just announced their first new song since the 90s and, in keeping on-trend with the music business of the new millennium, they’re teasing it in a most intriguing way.  The Roses are a band that has always played by their own rules and (seemingly) loves to keep fans guessing and their newest promotion has been no exception. Twitter user Ashley Molyneux (@ashymol) shared a photo of one of the many mysterious lemon adverts which popped up around Manchester.

Others have shared similar photos, none of which feature anything but the band’s signature citrus. (The NME has a couple of great pieces on this HERE and HERE.)

In this era of surprise releases, streaming, multimedia, and multi-social media album launches…

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