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So You Want To Sign With a Label…

Thirty Roses

Record_DealSeldom does a week go by on Quora without someone wanting advice on how to get signed to a label, how to approach a label, what labels look for, or some variation of those questions. What’s interesting is how many people still see a label as 1) a necessity and 2) a symbol of having “made it” as an artist. If you’re one of the many working towards a label contract there are a few things to keep in mind, let’s go over them.

Be clear on your definition of “label”?

When you talk about wanting to sign with a label, what exactly does that mean to you? A label can be anything from a kid in his dorm room who has nothing other than a website with a “Dusty Possum Records” URL to a huge indie label like XL to a gigantic corporate entity such as UMG. It’s important…

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