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Get To Know LiveSquare Bangladesh

Music has no boundary and no language. We have known this for a long time and ever since the inception of internet and the rapidly growing trend of downloading music across the globe, international music has started crossing borders like never before. Music2Deal is a global platform as such, which connects various people from different places by uniting them through one common aspect – MUSIC. As the sole partner to Music2Deal in Bangladesh, we want to create strong connections between aspiring musicians and anyone connected with the global music industry. Any professional in Bangladesh can now seek out for any professional deal, partner, company, record label etc. locally or globally through Music2Deal.

Music market in Bangladesh – The music market in Bangladesh is at its growth stage. While it has been functioning from a long time, it never got the opportunity to flourish as it should have. There are lots of talented musicians / artists who are of international standard but only a few got the chance to show their talent outside the country. Often, musicians cannot do quality work due to lack of financial support, lack of technological and logistical support. Therefore musicians need proper platforms where they can bridge their gaps and can portray their talents across new and different horizons.

LiveSquare has been actively working for the music scene in Bangladesh for the last 5 years, and in most cases has been successful. LiveSquare has a 3 year long musical co-operation with Norwegian Embassy and Concerts Norway. Through this project, LiveSquare has been able to send some very talented Bangladeshi bands to Norway, Sri Lanka and India to take part in various music festivals. Artists from Norway, Switzerland, Germany, France and India have also visited Bangladesh because of the musical exchange partnerships with various international cultural bodies. Apart from working with its Norwegian counterpart, LiveSquare has affiliation with Swiss Embassy, Goethe Institute and EMK Center. LiveSquare is also said to be the master of crafting live experiences and has been the organizers of many a successful concert and tour in Bangladesh.

Let us get to know the small, yet very dynamic team behind LiveSquare:


Nafis Ahmed, CEO, LiveSquare– Nafis Ahmed started LiveSquare as a passion project back in 2007. After finishing his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from IBA and working for a few years, he decided to take the music industry of Bangladesh to the next level. He first started LiveSquare only for organizing concerts. Later LiveSquare branched out to artist management, music marketing, creative planning and logistics related aspects of music and communications. Nafis Ahmed’s favorite band is Pink Floyd.


Afrida Mahbub, COO, LiveSquare – Afrida Mahbub, a graduate from IBA worked in a multinational firm before joining LiveSquare. She has always been enthusiastic about music and wanted to combine her strength of business strategy with her passion of music. Her ambition is to take LiveSquare beyond the globe and the partnership between LiveSquare and Music2Deal has been fruitful because of her. Afrida likes debating and watching movies at her spare time.


Atef Ahmed Bin Jafar, AGM, LiveSquare – Atef Ahmed was involved with LiveSquare ever since LiveSquare returned as full-fledged music company. Although he was studying abroad while LiveSquare was at its growth in 2011, he used to work with LiveSquare during semester breaks and attend shows every while and then. After completing his undergraduate degree in from Victoria University in Australia, he joined LiveSquare from late as a full timer. Apart from organizing concerts and being a part of LiveSquare, he likes to listen music and collect rare vinyl and music collectibles. Atef Ahmed’s favorite band is Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd.


Enamul Haque, Operations Executive – Enamul Haque, another member of LiveSquare family is also associated with music. Enamul was a drummer of the band called The Metalians which he founded in 2010 along with his friends. He now plays in a band called The Trip which was formed in 2013. Apart from drumming, he wants to shape up the music industry of Bangladesh along with his colleagues in LiveSquare. Enamul’s favorite band is Iron Maiden.

Abhijit Asad, Creative Lead – A business graduate from IBA too, Abhijit Asad actively works for LiveSquare from behind the scene. Abhijit Asad makes all the designs and graphics of LiveSquare and the logo of LiveSquare itself is made by Abhijit Asad. He was there from the inception of this company. Abhijit Asad is involved in some musical side projects.

Mir Hamid, Fin & Admin Manager – While everyone is working on the planning and operations aspects of LiveSquare, Hamid manages the entire office and all the logistical and administrative works of LiveSquare. His father is a music teacher and he is very fond of classical music.



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