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Interview with Music2Deal member Hellmut Wolf


Please tell us something about yourself, Hellmut.

“The Wolfman” is an extraordinary artist whose career spans over four decades and four continents. He started as flute player and then quickly picked up the Saxophone as second instrument back in his hometown Koblenz in Germany. He played with a variety of bands over the years and everything from small pubs to major stadium arenas. “The Wolfman” released a several of albums and singles, all self-produced. His style is omnipotent ranging all the way from new Age to Rock to Funk, to Urban, to Reggae and Trance/ Dance. Currently “The Wolfman” is working with many musicians from around the world, and he was recently on stage with grand master George Clinton.

Next to being an accomplished musician and producer, Hellmut Wolf aka “The Wolfman” is the director of Wolf Entertainment, a multilevel music production, promotion and distribution company based in Sydney Australia www.wolfentertainment.com.au as well of Wolf Digital, which is a subscription digital distribution platform www.wolfdigital.com.au

Why have you decided to become a member of Music2Deal?

I was part of Music2Deal very early like 4-5 years ago, and back then I worked very closely with Mario (CEO of Music2Deal).

Can you tell us how you get in touch with Chalam?

Chalam found me on the Music2Deal website, and he contacted me to ask if I wanted to produce some music with him since he is a song writer. I really like Chalam a lot, he is a wonderful guy.

Can you give us a few information about the cooperation between you and Chalam?

Well, Chalam sent me the lyrics of the song for Tendulkar we did together. It took me about a year to find the time to get it produced. A friend of mine KNOX from Fiji was interested to sing it, and we recorded it in my studio, with co-production by Cale Storer, an awesome musician in Sydney.  We did several mixes until we felt we got it right and there it is.

Do you plan to release the song/s for sale in the future?

Yes we like to, however we are doing our best to get in touch with Mr. Tendulkar, who is like a God in the Cricket world and especially in India. We would like to get an OK from him before we release the song officially.

What are your other projects you are involved to?

Oh My God, too many to mention I guess. Of course Wolf Entertainment and Wolf Digital, but I am also producing three albums right now, and a bunch of other projects I am involved in. Chasing the hit record as everyone else is :-)

by Sara Shirazi

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