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Mario Christiani (CEO Music2Deal) at the European Forum in Athens

“I was pleased to be at the European Forum in Athen, as Music2Deal was the international supporter and moreover I also presented Music2Deal on a panel.

The European Forum was held with the European Music Day Association (http://www.europeanmusicday.gr) during the Music Day events of Athens (19,20 & 21st of June 2013). Moreover it was also a great opportunity to meet the representatives of Music2Deal Greece and Music2Deal Hungary/Czech Republic.

The Greek network of the European Music Day is (though the crisis) one of the most active of Europe. Some facts will probably convince you!

This year’s edition hosted an European Cultural Forum, 3 open discussions, 50 lifelong learning workshops and music events in 28 cities, in 210 locations with more than 400 events, presenting 495 bands, DJs, choirs or orchestras… all in all more than 2.500 musicians.

To be honest: for someone from Hamburg it was also nice to stay in Athens as it was warm and sunny. The 1st meeting with the other participants was at the roof of the hotel at the bar and the swimming pool. A really great view on Athens and a wonderful relaxed situation to get in contact to the other participants. There were a lot of very high recommended and nice people from other European countries and it was interesting and fun to talk with them.


The next day we went to the European Cultural Forum with the topic:  The role of Clusters for the development of the Music Sector. The forum was held at the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports. There were more than 80 representatives of various European organizations, institutions and enterprises of the music sector.  The aim was to point out the important contributions that the state, social actors, universities, NGOs and the private sector can make in relation to cluster creation.

One great solution was presented at the end of the forum with the EURICCA Initiative. The European Music Cluster is a Project of the EUROPEAN RESEARCH & INNOVATION AGENCY FOR CULTURAL CLUSTERS (EURICCA) aiming to create a Contact Point for all professions of the European Music Sector (in the wider sense).

– EURICCA Initiative   http://www.euricca.eu/

Of course Music2Deal is a part of this great initiative!


After a long day in the ministry we were invited for a visit and a party at the roof of the town hall.


It was a nice party (with a lot of good talks!) which I left later for going out for dinner with some very nice participants. And it was not just a dinner … it was amazing as we had dinner at the roof of the restaurant with a view to the Acropolis. 


On Thursday I was on the panel of the open discussion of “Internet and New Media for the support of Vocational and Educational Training of Musicians”. This was a discussion on how internet, new technologies, digital opportunities, social media and blogs can help music and vocational education. The open discussion showed how the common needs of export and promotion of musicians are associated with a lifelong learning process and self-management.


After many nice talks with my current representative, new partners and a new representative, I left Athens on Friday for a nice weekend on a Greek Island. Here are some impressions :-)”





 Mario Christiani

CEO Music2Deal 



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