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An Interview With Ibrahim Lawal aka Skillz YBRL, Media Consultant/Publicist and Channel Manager (NIGEZIE) Part 2


Music2Deal Nigeria: What’s the ratio of submitted contents and source contents that you do broadcast?

Ibrahim Lawal: It varies from quarter to quarter. It could be 50-50 now and 70-30 next quarter. But usually submitted content has larger airtime.

Music2Deal Nigeria: What makes Nigezie different from other entertainment channels, for example; how would you say you’re different from channels like Sound City, Trace or MTV or BET for that matter?

Ibrahim Lawal: What we stand for is evident without much definition, from the logo, to the name and general branding. We’re all about spreading the Nigerian message, showcasing Nigeria in all its positive light. Fusing Nigerian content with what we have in the western world for all to see that we can stand side by side with anyone. Music and lifestyle the Nigerian way, that’s what makes us different from all others.

Music2Deal Nigeria: You have new programs with the relaunched of NIGEZIE, programs such as E-XTRA, TEAR RUBBER and NIGERIAN TOP 20. What is goals with all this new programs and the radio program?

Ibrahim Lawal: These programs have all been there before the relaunch actually, it’s just the energy behind revitalizing them that has all the attention now. They all serve different purposes, fill in different gaps and satisfy different yearnings of the average entertainment-inclined individual.

Music2Deal Nigeria: Can you share an overview of your career strategy? What types of projects do you see yourself involved with in the future?

Ibrahim Lawal: I’m nowhere near where I have my sights on yet, but it’s a work in progress and by GOD’s grace we’ll get there. There are a million things coming up. Think BIG, think ME! That’s the summary of it all.

Music2Deal Nigeria: Thanks for making out time to talk to us and sharing some insight too.

Ibrahim Lawal: My pleasure it is. Thank you for having me.

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