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Interview With Ibrahim Lawal aka Skillz YBRL, Media Consultant/Publicist and Channel Manager (NIGEZIE) Part 1

In our continuing series of interviews with key industry professionals, we welcome Media Consultant/Publicist and Channel Manager (NIGEZIE) Ibrahim Lawal aka Skillz YBRL to the exclusive Industry Executives Interview spotlight feature on Music2Deal Worldwide via Music2Deal Nigeria. Let go on for some quick insight of the process and perspective within the TV industry.

Ibrahim Lawal aka Skillz YBRL of Nigezie is a young media personality with years of experience.Here we have him share his experience with us.


Music2Deal Nigeria: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat. You’re a channel manager at Nigezie with a slate of projects under you belt also as a media consultant and publicist. How were you introduced to the industry, and what first got you interested, plus how do you cope combining it all together as a channel manager,media consultant and publicist?

Ibrahim Lawal: You’re welcome. Well I’ll say I’ve always been interested in music/entertainment, from childhood to present day. I would sing along to any kind of song I hear more than once without making efforts to learn the lyrics and tune, so I guess the interest just grew. I conceptualized my own TV channel, entertainment magazine, radio show, etc and put in work. While trying to get my show up, I met my present boss and along the line, he had a space in his organization and called me up. I jumped at the opportunity and it’s been great ever since. Combining my job with being a media consultant/publicist is quite easy for me because they’re all related. You can liken it to combining eating and drinking.

Music2Deal Nigeria: How is it like being a channel manager?

Ibrahim Lawal: It’s a lot of responsibility I tell you. You’re the custodian of a brand regarded as a voice to the people, mistakes are not included in your options. You have to always deliver and better your best at every point in time. Ensure your channel remains relevant, change with the trends, set trends too and still retain its originality, it’s more like being the President of a nation!

Music2Deal Nigeria: What are the challenges you come across sometime being the channel manager?

Ibrahim Lawal: Everybody wants to be satisfied but that’s impossible. If your video isn’t up to our standard, I have to reject it no matter who you are, so as much as I have friends, I also have alot of people who don’t like me.

Music2Deal Nigeria: How do you get contents for the programs under your channel?

Ibrahim Lawal: For in-house programs, there is always a plan for at least a quarter (13 weeks) before we commence. That means we already have clear-cut pictures of the content, locations, featured persons, etc before we even start. For syndicated programs, same applies. We need to be sure you’ll be able to hold out for that long and not water-down along the line.

Music2Deal Nigeria: As the Channel manager, how involved in getting content or materials for a project do you get? Are you more involved in the initial development or through out the process?

Ibrahim Lawal: Everything content is my responsibility. So I’m part of it from the scratch till when it berths on air.

Music2Deal Nigeria: For those seeking to submit video content to your station, what advice can you give in terms of submission process and standard requirement?

Ibrahim Lawal: Invest in making a good video, rather than doing substandard video and trying to bribe your way in. If your video is good, a good music channel will play it cos it’s the quality of your video that actually makes the channel fine or wack as the case may be. Investing in making a good video isn’t all about shooting videos for big sums. Invest time, invest ideas, put in work. I’m sure the video for Bruno Mars’ Lazy song is achievable for less than $1000 and it still got awards, cos the idea was great.

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