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Interview with Mauritz Lotz by Antionette Cronje (Part 2)

Q:  How do you think the music industry has evolved over the past 3 decades, in terms of making a breakthrough in the industry?

A:  In my opinion, 20+ years ago, the recording scene, music industry and artistic expression seemed a lot less “democratic” and more “exclusive” in some way. The industry and society as whole in my opinion has changed dramatically since then. We are driven more by social media, internet and technology than ever before. Today you can for example become a YouTube superstar long before you get out there and somehow really connect with your audience. We are living in the “download generation” and record companies, producers and artists now have to keep finding new, different and effective ways to impact on the market. Even though we do have so many more ways and means to express ourselves with the help of social and internet media etc, making an impact is probably even more challenging due the market being almost “saturated” and/or “bombarded” with so much product through broadcast and especially internet media… having said all of this, there is a lot of creativity going on the planet, a lot of greatly talented people everywhere if one stops for a second to realize how much there actually is out there, whether it be a new artist/s or song that pops out of “seemingly nowhere” or a new song album from a well known artist…either way, what really resonates at the end of the day will remain…a great song, a moving piece of music or a painting or piece of literature… whatever the artistic expression, let it be bold and truthful..

Q:  Why do you think some artists are what we call a “one hit wonder”?  What do think could be the reasons, why they could never release a chart topper again?

A:  I think today, quite a few “ideas” are often driven by technology/production and arrangement as opposed to the thing that really resonates with all of us…a strong melody/lyric etc…I think a lot also has to do with what I also mentioned in my previous response (see above)…I, like everyone else nowadays I guess, do also rely on technology to facilitate and enhance the creative process but try to focus on the tune + feeling/message I am trying to get across primarily..

Q:  As a composer, from what do you mainly draw inspiration from and do you follow a kind of “recipe” when you compose?  Do you have any tips for young songwriters which they can apply?

A:  This will sound probably very cheesy now but, I guess, that what inspires me is life itself, creative people + what I refer to as the “creative universe”…that what does not seem tangible, measurable or controllable…If it is something I am writing for picture, “the story is always king” as they say sometimes, making sure I am getting the director’s perspective and intention across…In terms of the process itself, I don’t think I have some kind of formula/recipe of sort…however, as mentioned, I just try and get the “feeling/sentiment” across and then draw from my influences/bit of knowledge and mostly experience to do that….

Q:  Please tell us about your latest project Orbium?

A:  Orbium is a project I am extremely excited about and have been busy with on and off since 2009….I’m currently busy putting together the conductors score of it with the help of maestro Graham Scott…It feels a bit like my “best kept secret” for now….hehe…watch this space for more detail…..;)

Q:  What do you think about Music2Deal and how can it benefit South African artists?

A:  I think Music2Deal is certainly a great way to and meet and network with other industry people on a global level. It is and should be always about expansion and sharing of music and experience. I therefore trust that Music2Deal is already doing exactly that, thank you.

Thank you in advance in participating in our quest to broaden the SA Music2Deal network.

My pleasure and privilege!

Play it LOUD!!


Here’s a link to Mauritz’ website: http://www.mauritzlotz.com/

One thought on “Interview with Mauritz Lotz by Antionette Cronje (Part 2)

  1. Thanks for that Antionette and Mauritz Lotz.So much value in learning about the South African Music Industry from MENTORS – people who’ve been there and gotten the T-shirt.

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