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Tips & Tricks – Sending A Demo (Part 2)

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4)     Be clear and correct. If you are using a bad grammar in your text (CV, biography, etc..) you will probably not impress anyone, in addition to this if you say that you speak that language in your bio, then you will not be credible. If you can not do it, then get help. A demo does not need to be done alone. Build your preliminary team. You will need to be familiar with a team work anyway, once you step up to music scene.

5)     Do not send a demo with your worse performance or recording, while you can make it better. No need to rush. There is not a train to catch. Wait until you finish your best. You are not asked for tons of quick, speedy mock-ups. There is not a competition like how many songs per day you can record, instead how good, how impressive, how creative you can make a few of them.

6)     Do not send too many tracks in your demo. There does not exist a “wholesale music tracks market” which requires thousands of music tracks per day to sell to consumers. This is much different than a “fish wholesale market” for instance. Here, there is one fish to eat, and if you are more tasty then you are the one that is preferred. Do not pick more than 3 tracks that best describes your performance or composing ability.

7)     Be specific in your style. When choosing tracks for your demo, do not pick each from very different styles that you can manage to do. For example, if you can sing good but play average guitar, do not force yourself to include your guitar performance to your demo as an extra bonus. It will not help ! Instead concentrate to the best of your ability. Otherwise you will seem like you are throwing your dice to whatever possible. This is not a TV talent show audition. Be determined ! The ones who are sure what they are good at, have more chance than some others.

8)     Do not send megabytes of sound files in e-mails. You would risk your career by directing a big anger to yourself. Nobody would like someone who blocks his/her mailbox. It is very simple and practical to send links instead.

9)     If you send a song demo, it may be worth to wait until you make an average music video. Today, it is not very costly to do something who works. As long as it is pure and demonstrative, it can be more concentrating, effective and interesting.

10)  Do not be overprotective about your copyrights. Among millions, most probably just few claims appear about stolen ideas or violated rights from demo screening rooms. Be smart, if your material is too good to risk for getting stolen in a label or manager, then it means that you are already very good. You can get motivation out of that go to the next step, and sit on table with a producer. This stealing would practically not going to happen. In any case, get consultancy before submitting your demo and learn about how to protect your legal rights. Remember that to mailing by post the recording to yourself and keep the stamped envelope is not going to secure you 100%. It can only be one of the proposed evidence in a court action, among many other possible things. Don’t let this paranoia prevent you from revealing your treasure to the industry.

11)  Be honest and sincere. Most experienced labels and managers know very well that, human being has tendency to change very much when builds acquaintance and popularity. This is normal. That’s why labels and managers tend to get precautions to protect their effort and investment, for the times that you might become more wanted by others. Therefore do not jump on thinking that you are being ripped off by a tight binding contract, if your demo is accepted and you are called for a meeting. This is a trade. There are rules by experience. Get a law consultant if you can. If not, at least ask opinions from others in the industry that you have contact with.

If you do not agree on what I keep talking about here above, then you may think about another option; be your own producer and manager. Record your song-track in your home studio. Finish your album in your personal computer, make a music video with your mobile phone and use your free Internet social media to promote yourself. If you are good enough, then you will not miss anything !

 By Volkan Gücer

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