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DJ XTEE Music2Deal Interview

Kagiso Mokgari aka DJ Xtee is a very outgoing, outspoken and friendly musician that loves to interact with young people. He uses his motivational skills to help them alter their way of thinking so that they can build a positive future for themselves. Music is the only language that he understands clearly – it brings people of different cultures together.

Restrictions do not exist in this sought-after DJ/ Producer.  House Music is the specific genre he loves producing, even more specifically Deep, Tribal, Soulful, Dance, Electronic and Jazz House. The only exception being Classical/ Soulful Hip Hop (Conscious Hip Hop).

DJ Xtee is part of a global movement called Ancestral Voices that focuses on African spirituality. He’s part of the music team for a very successful documentary titled Spirit is Eternal that’s currently being selected for an award and screening at the Pan-African Film Festival (PAFF) in California L.A

His anticipated album entitled Africa Elements Vol. 1 which features the likes of Dumarokar, Lims and Nubia Soul has been released under ARON PRINCE ENTERTAINMENT from the grounds of New York. African Elements Vol.1 was recently featured on several international compilations such as:

Smooth and Groovy Vol.8

Cut in deeper vol.1,

Deep house to the club,

My Soulful Sunday vol.3 and



His work has propelled him forward exposing him to more influential musicians around the world gaining international access to radios, print media and getting to music remix for top record labels and artists in USA


kagiso DJX

When did your relationship with music start?

It started to show back in 2004 when I was still in school. Whenever there was an event, I always excelled. Back then and even today still, drama; choir; poetry and music are my favourites. Art is my gift from The Most High.

From way back then, I was learning the basics of production, with production software being the very first thing I learnt. After a few years I went onto learning to play various music instruments from two pastors, both very good in various instruments. Pastor Mpuru taught me music theory and gave me some advanced lessons on Piano. Pastor Malatji continued teaching me Piano and more several keys on it. In later stages he started teaching me how to play lead guitar. I was very lucky to meet David Moore the CEO of Paratebrain Records, a very good producer from USA, who helped me with mixing and mastering. Also how to work with vocals when doing remixes, especially time stretching.

Aron Prince from Aron Entertainment in USA also came into the picture when he signed my album. Teaching me important business aspects, also giving me serious access to serious platforms I needed to be independent.

Today after 10 years of experience in the industry, I have managed to push my production to the next level. I have managed to do remixes for top house artists, all seven songs in my album were features in international compilations released by top Record labels across the world. Many producers and deejays are currently pushing my music in major clubs globally. Most music from my album and that from my Record Label have being playlisted in various radios in USA, UK, CHINA, Italy and Ukraine. So far by one button click, you can get Djxtee’s music on every major platform online.


Who have you worked with in the industry?

I have worked with various artists – both local and international – such as Lemogang Mahlangu (Lims), Palesa Moatshe, Dumisane Nkosi (Dumarokar), Nubia Soul and many more.

On the international platform I have worked with Anthony Delpiano from Italy, DJ Vibes from the UK and Ferry Terry from Italy.

My production also got the thumbs up from some of South Africa’s Music’s Pioneers especially House Music  – the likes of DJ Clive Bean, DJ Qt, DJ Kanunu and Thulane The Warrior.  This includes the mixes like “it’s time to think about it” which I did for Piratebrain Records and Audiobites Records. The artists under such labels are Mr V, David Moore, and Roland Clark and many more.


Tell us about some of the work you have released so far?

I released 4 “Deep House promo tracks” with international artists in 2014 which got 6700 Downloads under various music websites. I did a lot of remixes for David Moore and Aron Prince. I have produced a lot of music from my records label for the following artists: Tizurs Blaze I produced both his hip hop songs. I produced a beautiful song that is dedicated to Africa featuring most deepfam records artists. I did 4 beautiful afro house songs with Dumarokar and Nubia Soul, including Dumarokar’s his new single “The Rhythm”. I have produced two songs on Nubia Soul’s album, and also did several remixes for her.


What is coming?

I am working on some music featuring local upcoming artists and producers across Mzansi. This year will be releasing a lot of music from my label including all its sub labels. I will also be dropping another album independently from my label, featuring talented from Nigeria, South Africa and USA. A lot of music videos, Documentaries and short films will be released featuring Djxtee.


What type of music do you produce?

Any feeling that I can translate into a beat, I simply do it.


What else do you do besides making music?

I studied IT Internet Engineering/Network management and a short course in business management and entrepreneurship. I currently co-own a call centre and marketing facility company in Pretoria. I am now the owner of my own record label DEEPFAM RECORDS. Music is the heart and soul of my life.


What do you look for in someone you want to collaborate with?

I look for a spiritual artist, someone that takes music as a healer of all wounds. Someone that can create timeless music that will continue build and inspire others that follow his or her music. Some that was born for music, not individuals that take changes because they have access the next thing they have disappeared with one song released. I’m looking for conscious writers with serious lyrical content. People that write music about our everyday challenges in life. Musicians that story tell by the means of Poetry and music. The ones that respect the most High’s created healing power that ease one’s soul.


What do you look for in an artist before you sign them?

Normally we prefer artists that suit our repertoire, Deepfam Records is a conscious movement that focuses on story telling music and conscious lyrical content.


What do you think are some mistakes young up & coming artists who want to be signed are making?

Their biggest downfall is that they want to be signed! Not even understanding the meaning of this words “Record Deal” and how things work. Many young artists don’t even know what are performance rights or even an ISRC code. What is it that the publishing company do; they don’t even know the types of contracts they sign every day. They mast know and understand the business side of this industry, if not they going to crash easily. Take advice from the best in this game, I didn’t make CEO by night fall. I have learned from the best with respect and patience by following instruction. Young upcoming artists need to know the industry they are dealing with. You can’t be in an industry and not understand a thing – it’s a disaster. It’s like trying to cross a highway with your eyes closed.


What are some of the difficulties in starting up a small record label?

Every business need something called “Capital” in business terms. Without proper funding and resources, everything will be a challenge. A record label has to have a backup of Public Relations personals, Video teams, band members, road managers, and sound engineers you name them. All of this doesn’t come cheap. Sometimes I often see promising record label that lack talent. But have a lot of people claiming to be artists. When it’s time to put in the work and implement, people disappear.


Why did you decide to become an ambassador of music2deal?

Three words I LOVE IT, I have never seen such a big online platform that’s only dedicated to music. And to make things more interesting is that they don’t ask you money. While you can access artists globally and collaborate, maybe sign your next major deal. It’s a cool platform I think every artist should just jump in and access endless information about music related business and information they always need.


Music2Deal Profile: Kagiso Mokgari aka DJ Xtee




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