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New Success Story – “Fear Less” in Europe !

Portugal´s “The StoneWolf Band” confirmed today, they have signed a licensing agreement with the German based record 7us Media Group GMBH for their debut album “Fear Less”.

This agreement is another success story made possible through industry contacts on Music2Deal and means “Fear Less” will soon be available in stores on CD and digitally in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Russia, the UK and more.

“Fear Less” in out now in Portugal through iPlay Som e Imagem with support from Radio Antena 3 and available in stores, by mail order and on all good digital platforms.

The StoneWolfFear-Less Band launched in 2012 as the brainchild of Ricardo Lobo, singer/ songwriter and Mr StoneWolf. They are Mothered by Folk and Fathered by Rock, adding glimpses of Blues and Reggae in their quest to find the Groove!. Within a very short time of forming The StoneWolf Band have played the Musa Fest, Mexefest, Festival Med & Sintra Fest in Portugal as well as being the first Portuguese band ever to be invited to the Singapore Music Matters Live 2014.

The StoneWolf Band´s debut album “Fear Less” was released on the 9th of February 2015 and within 2 days was named disc of the week in major music journals. Previous to the release The StoneWolf Band have seen 2 songs from the album hit National & local radio as well as their first video reaching Number 3 on Sapo Videos. A new video for “Get Right”, from the album is scheduled to be released soon with tours being planned. With the new licensing agreement with 7us Media Group The StoneWolf Band plan to play shows across Europe in the near future.

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