Music2Deal and SAE Institute – An Exciting New Collaboration

We’re excited to have teamed up with SAE Institute, the largest creative media educator in the world. Haven’t heard of them? Check out this little interview conducted by Music2Deal’s CEO Mario Christiani with SAE Institute’s Industry Relations Manager Europe Mehdi Benkirane to find out more who SAE is, how it all started, and why Music2Deal and SAE Institute have entered into a partnership.

2 thoughts on “Music2Deal and SAE Institute – An Exciting New Collaboration

  1. its about time to respect the artists and author´s if an artist brings content and so his music to the side it has to be the platform to pay him out and not the artist…why must the artists always pay for everything…???? please stop this way of thinking because thats the reason why the music industry went down…the content of the artist is the value that the side has…so pay the artist for it and not the artist has to pay the side for it…HELLO ?????? Labels Managements they should pay for this amazing service that the side offers…but please respect the ART and the COMPOSER…and pay them out and not the way around…!!!!! Or list give it for artist for free…!!! You need music content to make this side a success…dont charge for it…by the artists…thats the biggest mistake..!!!!

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