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MUZU.tv – What Can The Music Video Distribution Platform Do For You?

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What is MUZU.TV and how has it come into existence?

MUZU TV (http://www.muzu.tv) is a fully licenced music video distribution platform. We enable Labels, Artists and content producers to create a channel and promote and monetise their videos across the MUZU multi platform network. MUZU’s network covers 22 territories of North America, Central Europe, Latin America and Australasia on desktop, mobile, smart TV and Xbox.

MUZU TV was founded back in 2007 on the back of the issues that Youtube unearthed with copyright. the vision was to support all copyright holders to provide them with a platform and video players to protect their rights and earn revenue from video views, which at the time Youtube was not doing. In 2014 we have over 200,000 licenced video clips being watched by over 11m users and we work with the Major and Indie labels to deliver activity for both new releases and their video archives.

For Music Fans MUZU is a place to watch music videos, build playlists and share content with your friends across the web. By registering you can access your channel and playlists on your PC, Mobile phone, tablet, Smart TV and X Box console. You can sign up to our newsletter to be sent weekly updates on new music and artist promotions as well as follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get daily updates. MUZU is just music and entertainment video focussed where as sites like Youtube have everything and you dont get a ‘pure’ music experience.

How does it work?

Content owners just need to set up a channel on MUZU to get started and upload their videos https://www.muzu.tv/join/?type=industry

Once the content is live they can share it themselves through artist websites and social media pages and contact MUZU for submission for editorial to be featured in New Releases, Our Picks and Iconic features. By uploading videos the content is also automatically distributed through the MUZU network so it is searchable on our parnter websites like Last.FM, Metacafe and NME and our Smart TV and Xbox apps.

MUZU is a premium ad funded business model so content owners earn 50% of the net ad revenue generated from video views wherever the video is watched. Our business model is syndication so premium ads travel with the content.

Our ethos is to work with artists and labels to drive reach and scale around key impact dates for releases and tours and we have a number of promotions that we offer to help promote content: from video premieres, to artist interviews, featured playlists and competitions. By working together to share this activity you drive fan engagement, music discovery and video views which will turn into ad revenue

For Music Fans we recently relaunched our site with new playlist making tools. DJ Mode allows you to continously watch music videos while browsing for more content to put in your playlist. There is also a great recommendations engine working to provide users with music discovery with an auto populate feature. Fans can also enjoy the promotions we set up with labels for new music and competitions.

What are the benefits of using MUZU?

MUZU benefits in many ways: it protects copyright and monetises content; we automatically distribute your content to a network of sites; We enable activity as we want to share new music with our users through our editorial voice that supports established and emerging artists. Labels are able to promote their artists within a music community and share their videos using MUZU players across their networks.

How can it help people who are a part of the music industry, for instance artists and bands?

MUZU is an independent video network. We work with labels to offer additional reach and monetisation to their video content outside of Youtube.com. Most views to Youtube powered videos happen on Youtube via Organic search through Google or as recommendations in the platform. If labels want to get artists featured on the Youtube homepage they need to buy advertising campaigns. They may also find that monetisation off Youtube does not provide premium rates when they share their content across social media

MUZU helps labels and Artists by giving them a music community to promote their content to. It gives them a premiium monetised player to share their content and we offer marketing initiatives to Labels to give them homepage editorial and social media support to give them the incentive to share their videos in our player to drive more views. We enhance the existing activity that Youtube generates naturally and labels can benefit greatly to help drive more activity and conversations for new releases.

How do you want MUZU.TV to develop? What are the future plans?

MUZU is developing alongside the ever evolving digital world. We have new Console apps in production as well as bespoke iOS and Android Apps. Watch this space in 2015

For more information on MUZU go to http://www.muzu.tv

​Follow MUZUTV on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/muzutv

Follow MUZUTV on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/muzutv

Email us info@muzu.tv

by Sara Shirazi

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  1. Hi I have been a music producer for 8years and I have artists that I represent and I’d like. Someone to tell me what do I need to have or to do just to get my music out there and my a house music dj to

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