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Chartburst: Connect To Major Labels & Get Serious Feedback!

Francis Gane (Chartburst)  compressed

Francis Gane (Founder)

Chartburst is the place to be for unsigned musicians looking to connect to and get feedback from major record labels. We have spoken to founder Francis Gane and found out all you need to know about the platform.

Can you tell us a bit about Chartburst – How did it come about?

I’ve helped run the family recording studio (Bryn Derwen) in North Wales for the last few years and in that time have seen many talented musicians come and go through our doors. Many whom we believed should have ‘made it’ were never heard of again and this was always a disappointment. This, combined with my urge to work on my own terms within the industry I love produced the concept of Chartburst one evening whilst brainstorming the whole problem of unsigned artists getting discovered.

How can our users benefit from registering with Chartburst?

Musicians can benefit from getting involved as we provide a place where they can get their unsigned tracks heard by the biggest labels and music brands in the industry for deal consideration and feedback. We specialise in connecting artists with the people whom they need to impress to get places in music.

Music lovers use Chartburst as a place to find great new music and to influence the future of popular music discovery with the power of their vote. We’re the only place where the public decide who gets the opportunity to be heard by major record label talent scouts and other top music brands whom can open doors for emerging artists.

What does it cost to register at Chartburst?

It’s totally free for music fans and musicians to use Chartburst. It only costs musicians a small fee ($5/£3.50 per month) if they want to submit their music to our charts (where they can potentially be heard by major labels etc).

Are all genres welcome?

We try to cater for the full spectrum of contemporary popular music. Our genre-specific charts currently include Hiphop, Rock, Metal, Indie, Pop, Acoustic, Dance, Folk and Country.

What advice would you give artists looking to be discovered or get serious feedback for their music?

Artists looking to get discovered: throw yourself at as many opportunities as you can. The more places you put you and your music, the better! Get to gigs, promote your social pages etc and just be prepared to put in the hours. When looking for feedback, handing demos to promoters is still a good way to get some initial input.

What are your plans for the future?

We are planning our full sites launch which will be in the next month or two. The launch is going to be amazing. We have an incredible new site to show the world!

What do you think about Music2Deal?

We’ve been fans of Music2Deal for a while and are very happy to be working with them. It’s obviously run by people who know what musicians need from the internet in terms of a networking site!

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                Visit Chartburst at www.chartburst.com

by Sara Shirazi

2 thoughts on “Chartburst: Connect To Major Labels & Get Serious Feedback!

  1. Ain’t it just the same everywhere!

    Indie: “Hi there! I’ve composed a few numbers over the past nine months and now I’d like for others to hear them and sure, I’d love to know what they think. Waddayuh say?

    Label/ Agent Fronter/ APRA OR OTHER Music Organisation / Download Website:

    “Great! that’ll be $ XXXX Oh and we can also do XX and XXX and even XXXX ,BUT that’ll be
    $!@#%&($ ! ”

    Indie. ” Nah! s’ok ! I’ll just let the family and my friends hear it all and stache it all on my external hard drive and for free on my Soundcloud page!
    Ooh! of course I’ll run off a few dozen CD’s myself to give out as gifts or try to sell some locally.
    That way I can still afford to live at least.
    And hey! who is supposed to be selling my stuff to who anyways?”

    Is it any freakin’ wonder Indies are Indies ? !!!!!

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