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Interview with Jörg Ingram Hiller

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I´m working in the music business for over 30 years now. I started with a concert agency and today I am concentrated on publishing and consulting artists.

In the history I worked 20 years for AMV (Publisher) as an A & R consulter, I worked with Toni Catania (producer and composer SCATMAN JOHN), Ace of Base,Berman Brothers (producer and writer, based in L.A.), Michael Blair ( author for THE RASMUS, SUNRISE AVENUE and others) , COVENANT from Sweden ,etc. .

Have you licensed your music / signed your artists internationally? Which country do you think is the best to license music to? Why?

Publishing is worldwide (mostly).But I try to help out for license deals, too – but there is no “perfect partner”. Each market has its own interests and style.

If you had to work together with someone to license his music / sign up his artists for your region, what sort of music are you looking for? Why?

Not easy to say ! I love innovative , creative music with a pop appeal , I love also to work with scandinavian artists ! I mostly go with my gut – the music must touch me! But I have to sort out a commercial possibility.

Are there notable projects you have completed?

There are several – some were successful, other less or not…

Upcoming projects / tours?

I am working on my cataloge right now and new signings will be developed soon.

What do you think is the largest problem faced by the music industry today? How do you think it can be resolved?

The music industrylost time in the end of the last century and they had (and still have) problems with the new digital situation. A lot of legal problems are not regulated and the digital development will become faster and faster!

Your plans for 2013?

To stay in the right shape!

A good word on Music2Deal?

This platform is important for the possibilities of good communication between ALL kind of people from the music industry and it allows them to get in touch without pressure.

Thank you, Jörg!


by Sara Shirazi

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