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Mix Critique With Stuart Epps

In cooperation with “Musiker-board.de”, Music2Deal has started a sensational campaign. It was possible to win a professional mixing service from the unique musician Stuart Epps, who has already worked together with stars like Elton John, Robbie Williams, Oasis or Chris Rea.

A jury of experts selected the top 10 artists and then Stuart Epps chose the winner band AUDIO CIRCUS. Among the mix for the winner band there was a feedback for all Top 10 acts from Stuart Epps and a premium-membership at Music2Deal to get new connections with people from the music industry.

You can read the original feedback down below and can listen to the song or contact the artists if you click on the band name which is linked to their Music2Deal profile.

And that’s the winner song “I WONDER” from “AUDIO CIRCUS”. It’s a great song of them and a fantastic mix from Stuart Epps. Music2Deal and Stuart Epps believe in the band and their success in the music business.


Please listen to the original track here and the mixed version of Stuart Epps here.















2. THE CHIMES – Weit weg (full)

“Not bad at all

“Starts out like a 50’s ballad then”

“Wham!!! Into a punk rock hard hitting track

“Vocal sounds a bit like Bowie

Very commercial song

Could imagine this on the radio

Really catchy and good solo!!

“Like it and wish I could sing along but not easy!!”

3. INTO THE SUN – Open your eyes (rough)

“Lots of possibilities here with this band and the song”

“Really needs some TLPC thats tender loving producer care!!”

“The vocal needs some effects and some more bv’s”

“That backing vocals beginning of the verses lack a bit of passion”

“The bass drums and guitars are superb very beatleish!!!”

“Great bass playing intfact extra ordinary”

“The bridge of this song is crying out for backing vocals and then the break needs a roaring solo guitar”

4. 50 METER FREISTIL – Leerzeit (kraftrom mix)

“Powerful band and sound”

“Modern sounds mixed with traditional Rock”

“Commercial song perfect for Radio”

“Nice lead vocal, yes I could hear some added backing vocals”

“Reminds me of Meat Loaf….I like this!!!”

“Imaginative production”

5. ROALD LINGBEEK – Sensitive Skin

“Very nice vocals”

“Just the chord change into the bridge and chorus is a bit strange for my taste”

“Maybe this one has to grow on you”

“Maybe a piano would be nice”

“In fact I just played it again and now I’m a bit more used to the changes….it’s getting better.”

“I might get to love it yet”

6. REPEAT – Illusions

“Long but very nice acoustic intro”

“Quite a contrast here to the other tracks”

“Folky song not unlike Fairport convention from the early 70’s”

“Quite nice but can’t help feeling the vocals lack a bit of power as does the whole track”

“Probably a good band to see live”

“They need producer help here I think to achieve better performance”

“Some backing vocals in the chorus would have been nice instead of just unison”

7. UNDER CONSTRUCTION – Save the world

“Very long intro just acoustic and voice”

“…then into a very rocky track…nice!!!”

“But not my favorite song, melody wise I’m afraid”

“Good singer here”

“Gets better halfway through”

“Needs thickening in the mix”

“A track like this has to be powerful sounding”

“Nice solo section”

“I like it”

8. JOEY JONES – Mrs. Slow’N’Easy

“Really impressed”

“Great track!!”

“This guy can play!!”

“Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendryx, Jimmy Page”

“Lots of influences here going together to make a great sound”

“Brilliant riff…riffs are the king!!”

“He’s come up with for this song”

“Love this record”

9. JATC – Love you when you go

“Great band and really good song”

“Very tight rhythm section sound”

“Very good production”

“Reminds me of Robbie Williams at his best”

“He would be jealous”

“Also check out Amen Corner from the 70’s…similar voice”

“Very impressed with this record”

“A proper single”

10.NINE A.M. – Go feral

“Very nice bass sound and some interesting changes”

“Good vocal and probably great live band”

“Got to say though it’s not my fav song”

“Something unsatisfying about it”

“Maybe needs a few more listenings”

The bands 9 and 10 didn’t register at Music2Deal but if you click here there is a link to the homepage of “muskier-board” where you can listen to the other songs if you like to.

If you want to have more background information about the competition you can find an interview with the winner band and Stuart Epps on http://www.musiker-board.de/.

We’d like to thank Stuart Epps and the appropriate persons of “Musiker-Board” for the support and having made this competition possible.

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Mix Asylum is offering free mixing and mastering services for Music2Deal users


Music2Deal is happy to bring a great opportunity to all artists looking to get their music professionally mixed and mastered free of charge for limited time only!

Mix Asylum is a new, online, mixing, mastering and production venture with the emphasis on affordable work for bands/artists.

Founder and Music2Deal user David Jones, is a newly qualified graduate, gaining a 2:1 in BSc Honours in Music Technology and Production.
“My sole purpose is to help bands/artists achieve their potential without costing them a fortune.”

Having a soundproofed and fully equipped, industry standard studio using some of the best software including Logic Pro, Universal Audio, IK Multimedia and Slate Digital to name a few he can provide you with top quality mixing and mastering services.

As a Music2Deal user you can get your FREE mix (until 31st January) by contacting David via www.mixasylum.co.uk / info@mixasylum.co.uk


Why Mix Asylum?

I have only just started my studio and need to increase my portfolio. I know there is a lot of competition but want to prove my dedication and passion to the industry. I also want to help new singers/bands/artists to get a professional/industry sound without costing them a fortune.

What can our users/customers expect?

I am currently offering a FREE service (until 31st January 2014) of:

3 FREE Mastering of songs

AND 1 FREE Mix of a recording


Mixes can take anything up to 4 days depending on the amount of tracks involved hence only one song for free!

Could you tell us bit about your experience and equipment / studio?

My Experience:

I gained a Distinction (across the board of 18 subjects) on my college course of BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology Level 3 (2008-2010).

I have just been awarded a 2:1 University Degree in BSc Honours in Music Technology and Production (2010-2013).

During the University course, my final assessment was creating a music recording portfolio, where 6 recordings had to be made in 6 different genres, and I had to organise all of the bands/studio recording time at the University myself (as well as the 30+ other students!). It was high pressured, but it was a good learning curve for me, to get the hands-on experience of a true working studio. I completed the portfolio and obtained a ‘first’ classification (75%).

As part of a final year unit about the wider entertainment industry, the task was to interview people who do a similar job as to what the student wished to do after graduation (so this could have been session musicians, software developers etc) but I wanted to interview producers who have inspired my feelings of a great “sound” on recordings over the course of my music exposure. I was blessed to personally arrange and conduct interviews with:

             Terry Brown (Rush, Cutting Crew)

             Keith Olsen (Whitesnake, Scorpions, Top Gun Soundtrack)

             Tony Platt (AC/DC, Foreigner, Gary Moore, Dio)

             Michael James Jackson (Kiss, Hurricane, LA Guns)

Every one of these interviews was an incredibly humbling experience, and was fascinating learning about their start-ups in the industry. I think they all subconsciously inspired me in my desire to succeed with my own studio, as all of these people had to work hard in their studio, so why can’t I in theory?

I have recently been working with and recording a band (Abandon Her), samples of which can be found on my Soundcloud site and my Music2Deal profile.

My equipment/studio:


I use an iMac Snow Leopard10.6 with Adam A7x as my primary monitors and Sony CMT-MX550i’s as secondary monitors. My main production software is Logic Pro9 but I also have a MacBook Pro with ProTools, Cubase, Reason etc.

I have Universal Audio – UA-2 Duo Custom featuring many top analogue  plug-ins including:

Ampex ATR 102 Tape Machine

Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

Fairchild Compressor

Neve 88RS Channel Strip

I have many more professional plug-ins including:

Line 6 – Professional Amplifier emulation giving access to 100s of classic guitar and bass amplifiers.

EastWest – Professional industry MIDI Emulation

Symphonic Orchestra

Gypsy (Emulating Spanish/Middle Eastern Instruments)

Ministry of Rock (Emulating Rock guitars, drum kits)

          Fab Four (Emulating instruments with a 60’s production vibe)

For full details please see my website (http://www.mixasylum.co.uk/equipment-page/4578584468).


“Mix Asylum” is the name of my production studio, based in Tamworth (near Birmingham) in the UK. It is a home production studio, but a lot of time and effort has been made to professionally change the space into a working studio. For example, it has been acoustically treated with professional foam panels to stop all reflections from emanating in the space, and these are covered all over the studio. The floor has also been acoustically treated so that there are no build up of bass frequencies in the space. What you hear from the monitors is exactly what you get, so someone recording here has got a professional recording space for a fraction of the price of commercial studios.

For photos, please see my website (http://www.mixasylum.co.uk/studio-pictures/4578590366)

Where can users listen to some of your previous work?

People can listen to examples of my mixing work on my soundcloud page http://www.soundcloud.com/mix-asylum. I’ve tried to do songs with as much variety as possible so that you can see I am a versatile mixing engineer. I also have a small selection on my Music2Deal profile.

If you like what you hear and would like to take advantage of my FREE offer,I have my own wetransfer page, a site that allows FREE, secure transfer of files, so there is no need to post me a CD, memory stick etc. This can be reached at http://www.mixasylum.wetransfer.com and step by step instructions of how to use this page can be found on my website at: http://www.mixasylum.co.uk/sending-your-files/4578999871