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Video Competition

As announced in one of our prior newsletters, Music2Deal now offers the possibility to also embed your music video to your music offer. To celebrate this new function, we started a competition about the videos, here you can find the five best entries of our Music2Deal users.

Eva Gisler

She is a singer/songwriter/vocalcoach from Switzerland and loves different styles of music from soul to pop – rock, funk – jazz and she has got a variable voice to sing all these styles.

Click here for more information about Eva Gisler.

Check out her Video to the song Used To:


Kostas Mintsoudis

The Music Producer who speaks German, English and Greek with the main genre pop sent us a video from Phil David.

Click here for more information about Kostas Mintsoudis.

And here is the Video of “Grenzenlos” from Phil David:


 John O’Brien

The UK-based songwriter in the Dance Electronica genre takes part with the Video to the Song “Surrender”.

Click here for more information about John O’Brien.

Kivah – Surrender


Tyler Ling

The former member of a band, starts now as an artist with his own songs. His live-program is estimated in Autumn/Winter 2014.

Click here for more information about Tyler Ling.

Link to his website: http://www.tylerling.de

Tyler Ling – inside me


Mike Puskas

The music producer in the Alternative genre, is also the owner and CEO of IKONIC Artists LLP, DEAD Famous International Pty Ltd, and Astral Records & Music in Australia. His entry to our competition, is from the band Winged Serpent.

Click here for more information about Mike Puskas.

Winged Serpent (Official Video)