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Interview with Music2Deal Member Wito Rodriguez


Wito Rodriguez is a Chicago born Puerto Rican and a musician since childhood. Despite his tour of military service in Europe, he pursued his musical career by playing in several orchestras as a singer and taking singing lessons. With Orchestra Conexion Latina, Wito recorded two records, “Carlorcito” and “Un Poco Loco”.

You started off playing in a Rock’n Roll band. How did you discover your love for latin music?

In 1968 my dad decided to move back to Puerto Rico.  There I had to go to Spanish school and start learning how to speak Spanish language correctly.  I started listening to Spanish radio and really liked the music.  At the age of 16 and a half I got into a Salsa group and started to sing Salsa music.

For those of us who don’t speak Spanish, what are your songs about?

I have different types of songs and beats in my recordings.  Some are talking about love, about the world, about a certain style of music like “Bomba Puertorriquen” in my CD “Calorcito” and about something funny.

Tell us a little bit about the Latin Music scene. Is there a lot going on at the moment?

Right now the way I see it. Salsa hasn’t died and it’s getting powerful again.  Hard part about it all is that the promoters are not buying a big band like they used to, because of the amount of musicians they need to move from point A to B and return.  Normally a Salsa Ochestra has from 9-13 musicians.

You lived in the US, Puerto Rico and Europe.  What are the differences between the different music communities?

There is not really much difference!! Here in the USA you are able to hear every style of music the same as Puerto Rico.  Germany and Europe are now doing the same. When I started singing in Germany Salsa music back in the 70’s, there was not much Latin Music being played.  But through the years I started going to many places in Germany where the music was being liked and Germans wanted to know how to dance it.

Do you like contemporary music that is a mixture of Latin and Pop?

I love all kinds of music just as long it’s played right and sounds good.

Your biography shows you are an international person and artist. What do you think, how important are international presence and networking in the music business today?

It is very important!!!  I have been around all of Europe, Puerto Rico and USA.  This gave me more experience in how to present my music to people that did not understand it or have never heard the music.  This was great doing it.

What are your plans for 2013 and the future?

Well I want to be able to play in more venues.  I plan to record my next CD in August 2013 in Puerto Rico. I am appearing this August in one of the biggest Musikfest in the country.  It’s called Musikfest Bethlehem, PA musikfest.org. Also I have been sending my promo packet all around.  I believe that 2014 will be better than this year.

Interviewed by Lorena Campbell

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Interview with Music2Deal member Christophe (Shudderwall)


Hi Christophe. Thank you for doing this interview with us!

Q: If I had proposed you to do this interview, it’s because we love your music indeed, each song of yours sounds so unique but also because your band is quite original! Could you tell us a little bit more about your band, Shudderwall? How did you start playing and singing with Emmanuel, your brother, and  Florence, your sister? How old were you guys?

A: I am the elder and started learning the piano when I was a child, but I really began to compose music about 18. Quickly, Emmanuel and Florence brought their creativity, started to compose too, and our band was naturally born this way.

Q: How would you define your music? It sounds to me more like a mix of different genres (Pop, Folk, Rock, Metal, even Rap and Classical music sometimes), right?

A: Exactly! We love good music, whatever the style is. That’s why we like to mix different genres, as you say. So we could define our music as pop alternative. And besides our activities as a music band, it also allowed us to specialize in music for Films/TV/Ads/Video Games.

Q: You are French, from Nice, but you all sing in English. How come? Maybe it is related to your major influences?

A: Yes, a great part of the songs we love are sung in English, so logically that is the language we use ourselves with our musics. Moreover, it is an international language, spoken by most people in the world. We want to touch as many people as possible with our music.

Q: You already released an album recorded with world-class Californian producer Scott Mathews in 2007 and your songs are distributed by Believe. Where can we get a copy of your creations?

A: You can find this album on iTunes, Amazon, Musicme, Deezer and many other digital platforms.

Q: You are a member of Music2Deal, so as you already know, many music professionals from around the world read our blog. What are you looking for right now: A label, a manager, international tour organizers, licensing your songs for films, etc?

A: Yes indeed, we are looking for a record deal to release and to sell our music through promotion and tours, and publishing deal(s), in order to place our music in films, commercials, videogames. If a manager wants to collaborate with us in this way, he’s free to contact us. As well, we would agree to compose for other artists.

Q: You have toured with your band all over France and Europe (especially in the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany). Where was your best gig ever? :)

A: We keep wonderful memories of the many gigs we played, maybe the most beautiful is the concert we had in Beaulieu (just next to Nice, Southern France) during “Les Nuits Guitares”, because it is a wonderful place next to the beach.

Q: My favorite song by Shudderwall is “Since you’ve gone away” with a beautiful piano melody and Florence’s vocals, what is your favorite Shudderwall’s song, Christophe? :)

A: Difficult question… Maybe “The temple”. Or “This is the last time”, which is a song we produced very recently and that we will add to our Myspace very soon! Thank you very much Guillaume for this interview!

Interviewed by Guillaume Mariani
Find him on Music2Deal: http://bit.ly/155L9GE

Shudderwall on Music2Deal: http://bit.ly/YlF5DH