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The New Music2Deal Update is now Live!

We are very happy to announce the new update of Music2Deal

Since the Music2Deal network is aimed at professionals in the music industry, the focus of this update is to create more features and a much better user experience to enable even better professional networking with Music2Deal.


This update includes:

A new dashboard. The new layout enables our members to focus better on new and existing connections and opportunities. You’ll also see who is online as well as getting updates from your groups.



The new Music Pro Messenger System provides a better overview and usability. You can add your music offer & wants and also an attachment like JPG, PDF or Word document to your message, if you need to send a contract, for example.


A new invitation tool, so that our members can easily invite their friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn or Telegram to their network on Music2Deal



And much more!


The new update of Music2Deal improves your networking potential and gives you greater possibilities to make deals happen.


Have a look at the new Music2Deal and Log In now or register now if you are not yet a Music2Deal Member.

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Music For Nature: Listen to good music and save the environment!

Music2Deal would like to introduce you to a new partner: Music-for-Nature.

The Music-for-Nature vision: 500 million people listen to a song by artists every day, helping to generate over € 100million a year for environmental projects.


Be there and help make this vision come true. The basic idea of Music-For-Nature ( is very simple. Musicians or bands donate the proceeds from digital sales (streaming and download sales) of one or more of their songs for environmental projects for a defined period of time. The “donated” songs are compiled in playlists on all major streaming services and promoted by environmental organizations and Music-For-Nature. This creates a win-win-win situation:

– The user can support environmental projects by listening to music. So he can do something good without having to make a real donation.

– Musicians and bands get a broad public through the marketing activities of the environmental organizations and Music-For-Nature, which has correspondingly positive effects on the other songs and albums. Awareness and fan base are growing internationally.

– Last but not least, the environment benefits. The proceeds can be used to finance projects for climate protection, against species extinction and for the preservation of ecosystems.

By the way, Music-for-Nature was able to win the first top act as a supporter just two weeks ago. Culcha Candela donates all proceeds of the new Hamma! Remixes for the Music-for-Nature projects. There is really no need to wait. Start now and support the project with song donations. Just get in touch at and you will get all the information you need.