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Artist and Musician Essentials – Reasons To be Cheerful Part 2 

Written by Richard Rogers (Music2Deal UK representative)

What do you look for when attempting to break into the music industry? What are the essential ingredients that help you on your way? Where can you find information that propels you on to the next level as you choose a career in the mind boggling labyrinth that is the business of music?

Here, in an occasional series, our A&R man and Music2deal music expert Richard Rogers guides you through various tools printed or otherwise that Richard thinks are still worth shelling out for in 2019 to keep you ahead of the competition. The must haves for any musician, artist or songwriter. Basically the essentials needed with the information that you require with one or two not quite so essentials thrown in for comparison for good measure.


Music Socket Music Industry Directory 2019

This came as an absolutely lovely surprise from a company called Music Socket who i have to be honest and say i’d never heard of. Music Socket is run by a guy called J. Paul Dyson and they have a website that you can peruse at www.musicsocket.com. They work in both the music world and the book writing world. The directory is 202 pages long, contains absolutely no adverts and is choc-a-bloc full of engaging and wonderful information.



On the first page is a section on protecting your copyright under the Berne Convention that for someone like myself with too many years in the music business to count was a real eye opener. Having worked on the EC Directive for Copyright Legislation back in the 90s I was unaware that the Intellectual Property Rights Office have a registration service.

The book then extends into US labels for 30 odd pages before dedicating itself with a lengthy foray into UK labels providing all the information you’ll need. This is followed by smaller sections on Canadian and Australian record labels only which is a teeny weeny bit bizarre but informative nonetheless.

Then there is a real gem, a record labels index by genre which is worth it’s weight in gold and you wonder why other directories never offer that and again it provides the country each label is represented within. This is great news for example if you are a UK indie act looking for an American indie label as all the information is on one page. Same if you are a jazz act, metal band or house artist looking for a listing of labels in each specific genre then it is all here.

There are bulky US and UK manager sections and weirdly a tiny section of 3 Canadian managers which seems a little pointless although no Australian managers are listed whatsoever. Then another good idea, a managers index by genre, again this is a genius move to save a rock act looking through all the classical or rap managers.

Peculiarly there is nothing here on publishing whatsoever but I loved this book just for the two indexes on record labels and managers that other directories do not provide. From what I understand it is not released in print every year so check with Music Socket. For me a great book to have on the shelf alongside the Music Week Directory as they work in tandem with each other.

If you purchase the directory then you have free access to the entire www.musicsocket.com website which includes thousands of listings. I have to say the website is a bit old fashioned in design (think 2005) but if you are simply after information on managers and record labels then it’s all here and it is updated with changed addresses, contact details etc on a monthly basis.


Writers’ Handbook 2019

There is an accompanying book from the same people titled Writers’ Handbook 2019 which is similar to the Music Industry Directory and is edited by J. Paul Dyson (who also edited the music directory) and is produced in much the same way. There are magazine titles featured that are split into US, UK, Canadian and Australian sections although funnily enough there is also an Irish section here too and they are cleverly divided down into a subject index for each title. So you have an arts section, drama, fiction etc.

music socket 2


Further into the book are a listing of literary agents and a listing of publishers by territory and of course the all singing all dancing subject indexes that are simply priceless.

There is a separate website for this at www.firstwriter.com and again the book is presented with bags of information if a little obliquely.

I would recommend both the Music Industry Directory and the Writers’ Handbook. Great reference manuals for the music industry and book fields.


The MusicSocket directory costs £9.99 in print and £7.99 as an ebook. As far as i’m concerned this is as cheap as chips and well worth purchasing if you can’t afford the Music Week Directory.

The Writers’ Handbook costs £11.99 in print and £7.65 as an ebook. Again I feel this is money well spent,

Each book comes with a code that can be used for a £5 discount when subscribing to the associated website, the normal prices for which are:



Monthly: £2.65

Quarterly: £6.65

Annual: £19.99

Life: £64.99



Monthly: £2.99

Quarterly: £7.49

Annual: £22.99

Life: £64.99





Contact:  paul.dyson@musicsocket.com


Richard wasn’t paid by any company for the inclusion of any of the items here and this article is a personal opinion of someone with over 30 years professional experience in the Music industry. Richard has been employed in many sectors both full time and freelance for companies including Music2deal, BBC, Warner/Chappell Music, PRS, IMN, International Masters Publishers, Silverscope Records, Malta Music Export and Evershare Digital and written books on A&R, Eurovision and Depeche Mode.

Contact Richard on Music2Deal or at silverscope@btconnect.com or on +49 (0) 1578 1053121.

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Interview with Luciana Pegorer, the new representative for Music2Deal Brazil and CEO of Music Trends Brazil

Interview with Luciana Pegorer, the new representative for Music2Deal Brazil and CEO of Music Trends Brazil by Mario Christiani (CEO, Music2Deal)

Mario: Luciana, you are the new exclusive representative of Music2Deal Brazil. Please tell us more about your background in the music business and why represent Music2Deal in Brazil?

Luciana: I’ve been working in the music industry in Brazil for over 20 years now. Since my graduation year I’ve experienced many areas of this industry, from being a musician (flute player), to producer, label manager at a major record company, label owner at Delira Musica, trade association leader, etc. Today I focus on building capacity to the Brazilian music ecosystem through Music Trends Brasil International Conference, a get together to discuss, learn, and network event that I organize and curate. MTB takes place in Rio de Janeiro every October. Brazil is one of the most musical countries in the world, top 10 global market, home of amazing and numerous musicians and music professionals from all areas. I’m joining Music2Deal because I see the lack of an effective online network to be able to connect and increase the opportunities for musicians, composers, artists, producers and the likes within our music industry and from our industry to the worldwide environment. I see Music2Deal as a complement of the mission I already fulfil with the conference and will make efforts to attract Brazilian members to the platform and make our country represented in this amazing worldwide network that connects the music industry.

2Luciana Pegorer 2019


Mario: Sounds really great. As you mentioned MTB, what exactly is the MTB and how did it come into existence?

Luciana: MTB is a conference that gathers 700+ professionals from the most different areas of the music business. From musicians and performers to DSPs and PROs, distributers, publishers, producers and record companies. It takes place in the historical downtown Rio, in an amazing 18th Century building. The main room is fully dedicated to high level discussions of the status and future of our business. CEOs, artists, authors and other executives from Brazilian and foreign companies discuss their best achievements and plans, with focus on developing the market in the best way possible. One other room is dedicated to workshops. New comers, artists, producers, receive the best training from top quality teachers. For those already in the market the workshops mean an important recycling of knowledge and new skills. For new comers it’s education, new skills and network implementation. We encourage foreign companies to come. They will learn a lot about this thriving market, top 10 in the world. It’s the perfect market place to interact and do business with the local companies. There is also the fun part. Party every night during the happy-hour, full of Brazilian Music, beer, homages and joy.


Mario: What are the plans for the next coming MTB in October and what can we expect?

Luciana: The next MTB will happen from Oct 23-25. Major and indie companies are confirmed, as well as most of the PROs and DSPs such as Deezer, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many others. We’ll have an extensive program with the most up to date discussions on the most important issues of our business. Artists will be trained on DSP’s and marketing tools, copyright and much more. It will probably be the best edition ever.



Mario: You said, that Music2Deal is a complement of your mission. Do you have already some plans to integrate MTB & Music2Deal Brazil?

Luciana: We will open a MTB Group on Music2Deal and every delegate will be able to interact online with the other delegates and speakers. Also, we will grant the participants with a free premium trial until the end of this year. We will collect testimonials after that and will start to build the network from there.


Mario:  Why is it an absolute must for every professional to attend this event?

Luciana: There is no other conference in Brazil that places people face to face to the most influential and decision makers executive in the business. The network and the learning in this event is outstanding. Some statements from foreign people that attended in previous editions:

“Sessions I went to were of a really really high level, very good, kind of business to business, type of conversations and I actually got a lot out of this, a lot to learn about, specially on the Brazilian market, that I had no idea about before. So very informative”. Joel High (music supervisor Los Angeles)

“For people coming from overseas, give us a unique opportunity to actually get to know the     Brazilian market, make contacts and some good business. Highly recommend it”. Goran Anderson (Swedish executive)

“The whole market has become global and that means it’s more important than before to know what is happening  in all the countries around the world.  Brazil is especially important, it’s size, the rate that it’s growing, particularly it’s digital growth means it’s incredibly important for us to be here to understand the market”. Steve Mayall (Music Ally UK)




Mario: Last question… How do you want MTB & Music2Deal Brazil to develop and are there already any specific plans for MTB 2025?

Luciana: MTB & M2D are complementary together. They both aim to connect people and help them develop their businesses. I expect MTB and M2D to keep fulfilling their intents until the end of times.



Luciana Pegorer on Music2Deal

Music2Deal Brazil

Music Trends Brazil